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    OK,understood. I initially thought that it was the wah that was causing morphing to happen rather than the other way around. I’ll give it some thought.

    Thanks, and Ive confirmed this because when I turn off the Wah effect, then my preset morphs normally. Also, for wah, if i want the expression pedal to be flat (front of pedal all the way down) and have no effect until I use it, should it be [email protected] or [email protected]?

    If you are hooked up straight to Kemper and into DAW then you don't need any acoustic decoration--only when using mics for recording. You can get away saving money by using a small closet at home and lining it with foam for an amp iso booth. Even works for singing if you are not claustrophobic.

    My wife wants all my amps in the closet when in use. ;)

    I am not planning on any recording at the moment, just want some monitors to play songs and my kemper through. Right now Im just using headphones through Kemper and cable from kemper to computer so I can get the tunes through my headphones

    I will read more into this, thanks for the links

    I have my Wah effects set to Bypass @stop and don't have any part of the Wah assigned to being Morphed but when the wah effect is on I definitely hear something being morphed on my presets after I click Morph. When I turn the Wah off it does not happen. Any ideas what this could be? Sometimes my wah pedal reacts differently on my carpet as opposed to a hard, flat surface so that could be it. Is my wah set to the wrong bypass? I usually like to have the pedal all the way down (flat) but not be in effect until I start using it.

    So after some research, it doesn't seem feasible to do any room treatment right now since I won't be in my current place too much longer. This lead me to favor the iLoud Micro Monitors and the iLoud Micro MTM's the most. I have a small desk and smallish room so the Micro Monitors would be a convenient fit for that aspect, and apparently they're meant to provide a fantastic near field sound and I typically play right in front of my computer. So the Micro Monitor pairs checks the convenient, budget, and good enough sound boxes. However, since room treatment is so important and I can't do it right now, maybe I increase the budget for the MTM's which have an automatic "room calibration technology," which, "compensates for acoustic deficiencies." ----> Taken right from Sweetwater site. Usually with music gear, I tend to believe, Buy cheap, buy twice. Could be annoying to buy the micro pair and then a year later get the MTM's. Just talking out loud here lol.

    If I wanted to play a song that normally has capo on 4th fret, would I set the transpose to +4? the song is Im Yours by Jason Mraz, I know I can just learn it with open chords and no capo but is this transpose correct?

    I have the JBL 305s and they are great. Just want to throw this out there, take a look a the Headrush 108 powered speaker. They are small enough for studio and also loud enough to gig with, and very portable. They only cost $219 and sound great with the Kemper profiles. I used a pair of them in stereo last weekend at a gig and I had no issues with tone or volume. I could have gotten away with one as they are very loud. Most importantly they sound great.

    I already have the headrush 108 that I use for gigs but I think lower volumes at home it sounds far from ideal lol. Studio monitors at home would def be better than the headrush 108 in my opinion

    You need powered monitors with any unpowered unit like Kemp stage or Line6 helix.

    Great I will only look for powered monitors then. Anything else one should consider when researching studio monitors? Some must haves or some definite no-no's?

    At what point does spending extra money on monitors really make that big of a difference? I know ultimately it comes down to taste, but any insight is greatly appreciated!

    Starting to do some research on studio monitors for my kemper. I have the unpowered Stage. Does having an unpowered stage matter with monitors or I can buy powered studio monitors and be fine? Do I need to have anything extra on my PC to run monitors or just plug and play?

    no brother Nicky Monkey_Man , if I decide to do it it’s gonna be a single amp pack.
    The blue rumble is already in the first pack.

    For those who have Facebook this is a very tasteful example of the V-empire blue rumble…videos/10222905546740834/?

    Tried the blue rumble just now and that profile is awesome to me. Such a cool voicing. I really like both of those profiles, it would be cool to try the real amp

    Great info I really appreciate it. What I might end up doing is selling or trading my Friedman JJ Jr head for a pair of real good studio monitors. I just don't want to cheap out on monitors because I really do think stuff like that makes all the difference. Right now I only play my kemper through my Headrush 1x8" FrFr which just isn't that good and low end headphones. I think Id be in a whole new world with some quality sound potential.

    As for headphones, whats the deal with the Ohms? What Ohms level do I have to buy so it works properly with the kemper?

    I have a pair of headphones I can use in the meantime until I decide on better studio headphones, but I have to use the USB attachment for enough length. I tried this in the kemper and i didnt get any sound. Is there something I missed or Kemper won't accept headphones with USB plug. I do have a 1/4" adapter, maybe I can just use that and go into a monitor slot?