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    Tried Jamulus for the first time yesterday. Also tried Jam Kazam but some really weird stuff in terms of wonky noise and artifact noise was happening with Jam Kazam so I stopped trying it. Jamulus was pretty fun. For the small amount of latency I was experiencing, it was worth the trade-off of being able to join a random jam with strangers and practice the guitar in that capacity. Being able to join an impromptu jam every day with different people is a fantastic learning tool. A little bit of latency like I said, is well worth the trade-off of having to figure out what to play in that moment. And with no video, even a better way to use your ears! I only fooled around with it for a bit, and I didn't try to optimize any settings outside of the main beginner setup. But when I was reading this page, I didn't understand the Jamulus "Golden Rule." See link below:…ifficult-to-keep-together

    How do you not hear yourself and just listen for the server sound? Any tips for optimizing sound and overall experience in Jamulus? It was a lot of fun! I am using a PC with a wired connection as well. My latency was at 8 milliseconds which I've read is average. I can definitely tell there's a little latency on my end because my guitar tone just has that weird artificial sound you get from latency. Like I said it's manageable just because it's such a valuable learning tool. But I would like to dig in more and make it better. Any tips or advice are greatly welcome. I was using my Fractal FM3 which also acts as an audio interface.

    Or a bad cable between the mixer and transmitter?

    Also, if you're running stereo to the IEMs, maybe someone panned you hard L or R at the mixer.

    I will have to check that. I know my Shure PSM300 has two channel inputs on the back but I don't ever remember using both. I remember using one and they worked both sides

    For the past two rehearsals, my in ear monitors have only been coming out of one side. I don’t remember having this issue in the past. And if I plug my in ears into the head phones jack of my FM3 or Stage just to mess around at home, both sides produce sound. So I think they work properly. Unplugged and plugged back into my pack several times. Something on the board or mixer I need to do/check?

    The Pa will be ok to try your Kemper out on its own but as Alan said, no good for vocals and Kemper at the same time.

    However it is very sensible to try all of this out pre gig, last thing you want is to be messing around with settings at soundcheck.

    I would focus on XLR out so make sure you have a decent XLR lead. That PA does have phantom power, make sure its off. Also try the ground lift switch on the back to eliminate ground issues...

    What is phantom power? And when you both say no good for vocals and Kemper at the same time, what exactly does that mean? That it's not powerful enough and will cause unwanted noise/hissing?

    It sounds like you are over loading the input on the board. As Yoda said, tick the -12db box and keep the main output of the KPA low enough that it doesn’t clip the input of the board. You can then raise volume on the channel fader without clipping the input.

    thanks, I had the -12dB on for sure. So you’re suggesting just lower my master volume and then if it goes away raise the PA channel volume ? And volume of my monitor?

    Did you use the -12dB pad switch on Kemper ? for some boards the Kemper output is to hot.
    Phantom Power is off at the mix-board input channel ?

    If possible use a Line Input on the Mixing Board.

    Other idea if you have try a DI-Box in between Kemper and Board

    yeah mate I had the -12dB switch on. What is phantom power? I can check for that next time. DI Box is a good idea. This wasn’t a very high end PA it’s one of the ones where you click the 2 speakers into the board and can carry it all together lol

    Okay so I had a rehearsal today and I think I was able to raise my monitor volume without raising the volume on the PA. However, I had a new issue. With both an XLR cable and a line out (tried separately), I kept getting some fizzly noise through the PA speakers, and only the PA speakers, it did not come through the monitor. The noise was less loud with the 1/4" line out, but still there. Any ideas how to resolve this on the spot? Tuner did not mute it. I went into output and twisted many knobs, but none had an effect on it. Possible issues with cable but it happened with both a XLR and 1/4" line out. Possibly a crappy PA?

    Let me read the manual then and report back any questions or further confusion.

    I know you were asking BayouTexan but that would be the preferred way to send the monitor output to the Headrush and the Main output to FOH. In the output section they recommend that you use the -12db. I would also set the main volume level somewhere between 0 and 10 db and leave it there by unlinking the Main Out Link also in the output level, that way when you turn the Kemper volume up or down you are only changing your monitor volume without effecting the front of house.

    So my main volume doesn't go above 0 db. Did you mean between -10 and 0 db? Also, you say to unlink the Main Out Link but yours is still is checked on. Should I have it checked on or off? What does it do? And yes, my Main Out -12 db is checked to be active.

    Last couple times I rehearsed (pre-COVID), I remembered everytime I turned my headrush monitor volume up (using the knob on the back of the monitor) it increased my volume coming out of the PA as well, which I didn't want. And it didn't always behave that way. How can I counter this and just turn my monitor volume up without affecting FOH volume?

    Cool stuff. What kind of EQ'ing do you do when dialing in a high gain profile? I have trouble dialing in heavier tones, I think it's just because my ears don't really know what to look out for. Usually if I play Dimebag stuff I just get a hot marshall type tone, but there are so many amps/profiles that have that next level but it's harder to EQ for me

    Latency is indeed the biggest deal breaker. But it doesn't need to be. It depends on your hardware, software and distance to the other players. Jamulus and Jamkazam do a good job reducing the latency as much as possible.

    But yes, you can play perfectly fine with other people. I even jam with people across the ocean.
    Key is to always monitor through the software. So you hear yourself after you went through the server and back. And not monitor locally.

    The best start is a low latency setup (audio interface).

    I have an e-drum connected and depending on the room I can use it without any problems. It's really awesome. Same with guitar and vocals.

    It gets technical quite quickly though so I have to admit it might take some setting up. And if you have a low latency audio interface you're off to a bad start.

    What would be a low latency audio interface?

    Damn I was always under the impression this type of software just has too much latency. Does it actually work well? Like you can jam or rehearse without any hiccups? How do the drums participate?

    I hear ya mate, like I said Im brand new to the Windows world. I have to turn the PC off every night because Sleep mode lasts all of maybe 5-10 minutes before it wakes up LOL. I put in a ticket with Kemper Support so maybe they can help me troubleshoot step by step to find an issue somewhere

    Very interesting mate. Yeah, I checked the Event Viewer per your suggestion. No errors/issues related to kemper. There is one common error I've been getting the last few days and it's something like "officec2rclient.exe" or something like that (apologies I should've wrote it down last night and am not near my PC now). I'm pretty sure it's got something to do with my Microsoft Office account so idk if that would be the culprit. But, again, like I stated earlier, the "crash" only happens when I have kemper hooked up to PC via cable and Rig Manager is being used.

    For another thing to look at, bring up Device Manager. In the View menu, click "Show Hidden Devices." Now expand the Sound, video and game controllers node. Right click the Kemper Profiler and see if it's reporting that it's working properly. If not, make note of the error and post it here. Also note if you see more than one entry for the Kemper.

    That's what comes to mind off the top of my head. Let me know the info and I'll help further if I'm able.

    So I checked this part and it says the Kemper Profiler is working properly. I can update the driver, should I do that? But I can confirm that my system's error report doesnt show anything regarding this issue