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    Not sure if this would be possible due to memory space.... but it would be great to have more Looping Time. Maybe even at lower quality. IMO the looping time is quite short and I use the looper very often.

    Can be solved with an external looper pedal (I do that as well) but for some occations it would be very conveniant to have more looping time in the Kemper

    I would really like to demonstrate but it occurs randomly and I did not find a way to reproduce it. I always work with my Kemper connected to my Mac computer using Rig Manager and this problem happens about once a month. I always work in Performance Mode, and usually one Rig in the Performance is then overwritten with another Rig, no way to undo it.

    I also have this prblem and it's quite random.

    I also got used to backup all my performances because suddenly they can get corrupted by having another rig copied inside automatically. This happens without me saving anything.

    Switching the Kemper OFF and ON does not help.

    I did the same with the Helix Stomp and later on with the Helix Native. I compared it with Kemper and I really wanted to like it. Especially since the concept of Helix Stomp is perfect in my opinion. But the problem is, as you wrote, the fizzy high end and muffled sound, especially at break up. Maybe this isn't a problem with high gain sounds, maybe some poeple only play clean and high gain and so they don't mind.

    But if people say that they could replace a Kemper with Helix, I really don't understand. Did they really compare it A/B? Maybe they put so much effect to the sound that they don't hear the amp sound anymore?
    Some weeks ago I checked out the new Ampero Stomp II which does not have this fizzy high end, but unfortunately it still does not come close to Kemper. But I would still prefere it over the Helix.

    The Kabinet or Kone are definitely good enough tor a garage jam. I use the Kemper with Kone for many diferent puropses and it never let me down.

    If it sounds bad, there must be an error somewhere in the signal chain (maybe the power amp is not linear) or the profile is not good.

    But the sound you can get with the Kabinet or Kone is very good. So good that you need a quite good tube amp to sound equal or better.

    I guess since the Kone is a guitar speaker it also has to be put in a guitar cabinet to sound as it should. I can't imagine that a Kone in a wedge would sound good... Could you find a Kemper Kabinet to compare the sound? then you could be suer...

    I'm using the Kemper Kabinet and Kones for some time now and I really like it. Now I'm thinking of using it with other amp modelers.
    Did anybody already try to "extract" IR's from the Kemper to "translate" the Kone to FRFR or to all the possible imprints?

    I guess this should be possible tunring OFF all the effects and also the Amp section. Only thing activated would be the speaker in Kone mode. There would be than an IR for every possible Imprints plus FRFR.

    I think I will do this experiment as soon as I have time, but I wanted to alk if somebody has experience with that already.

    Thank you to both of you, but i would prefer an open back cabinet. I'm not interested in rock or high gain stuff.

    Hello vjau75

    I was in the exactly same situation as you. I own a Kemper Kabinet but I also use tube amps sometimes. So I wanted to have "the Fender sound" for playing late at night.

    I installed a Kemper Kone in a Palmer 1x12" open back cabinet and I compared it with the Kemper Kabinet. For my taste the Kabinet did a better job.

    later I installed a Jensen C12Q in the Palmer 1x12" and I also compared it with the Kabinet.

    I also use a 2x12 closed back Marshall cabinet loaded with two Kones. I also compared it.

    My opinion (ranking - my taste):
    1. Marshall 2x12" with 2xKone (more low end and better "feel" also at very low volumes, Imprints work sooo well!!)

    2. Kemper Kabinet (Imprints work soooo well!! - soon I'll try 2 Kemper Kabinets together - check how it sounds in stereo)

    4. Palmer 1x12 with Kone (in my Opinion the Kone was not that great with open back, I also compared it with a 1x12 open back with V30)

    3. Palmer 1x12" with Jensen C12Q (sounds good but it's not versitaile... Kone sounds better at very low volumes)

    The Kemper Kabinet works very good for clean and breakup sounds even if it is a closed back. And you can also use it for any other style you might like in the future ;-)

    btw. I practice sometimes after midnight with the Kone because it sounds good a very low volumes. I don't like to play guitar with earphones...

    But if Kemper doesn't make this one, they risk losing some of their customers. Already, many users i know are changing the Kemper to Neural Cortex because of its size. I dont like Cortex, i think that kemper sounds better, but...

    Rik, I completely agree with you!!

    You know what? I'll order a Quad Cortex in the next weeks for exactly that reason. I even wrote to Kemper if they would soon bring out a smaller unit, but they did not want to tell anything about this. So now it's time.

    It's not only about playing concerts with the device but also having a lightweight device for traveling and many other occasions. As OneEng1 often explained in detail, there would be definitely a market for that.

    I’d prefer Kemper, but now I guess I’ll try out the Quad Cortex and many other will.

    Additional information -

    I’ve been using a fender mustang III version 2 which has been loud enough. It states to be 100W. I know the kabinet is 200W and the Laney is 200W, but I’ve heard that the Laney is louder for some reason. So just worried about being able to match volumes with the mustang, as I’ve got a loud drummer

    for me the 1x12 Kabinet was definitely not loud enough with a loud drummer. (some people here seem to have other loud dummers or louder Kabinets) Mine started smelling, so it definitely did not work. I called then Kemper Support and they told me that 1x12 can never replace 2x12 or even 4x12, that's physics ;-) I'd have to use 2 Kabinets or put 2 Kones in a 2x12, what I did => Solution for me

    I never tried the Laney FRFR but I own 2 Headrush FRFR 108 and 2 Yamaha DXR12. I did A/B comparisons.
    I also own a Kabinet, not powered becaus I have the Kemper Power Head. The Kabinet is great! Really !!! If you play clean profiles, and you use the right imprints, you get great results. Same with Gain and High Gain.

    But you can even improove that. Take a 2x12 cabinet and install 2 Kones. That's what I'm using right now and I prefer it definitely over the 1x12 Kabinet (which is great for playing at home). 2x12 gives a fuller sound and a better feel. If you played 1x12 comos before, you might not need it, but if you were used to play 2x12 or even 4x12, give it a try :-)

    With the 2x12 Kone loaded cabinet, the sound is so good, that sometiems I just can't stop playing guitar... ;-)

    For example the Harley Benton GPA-400 is cheap and works great. So you could have a cheap and very powerfull solution!

    Conclusion: In my opinion, if you just want to hear yourself, you can use FRFR, they can be more practical. If you want to have FUN playing, Kone/Kabinet is a miracle. They also sound great for acoustic guitar... really!

    Meine Erfahrungen zu einer 1x12" Thiele-Road-Ready-Box ist die, dass sie genauso klingt wie das Kabinett nur lauter (ich vermute wg. des höheren Wirkungsgrades). Mich wundert das schon, weil das Thiele-Gehäuse ja eine optimierte Basswiedergabe besitzt. Insofern ist m.E. trotz aller "Fragilität" soundtechnisch das Kabinett sehr gut gelungen.

    Das finde ich auch !!! Es ist erstaunlich, wie gross das Kemper Kabinet klingt wenn man die Konstruktion und das Gewicht berücksichtigt. Darum möchte ich auch gerne mal zwei kombinierte Kabinets direkt mit der grösseren und schwereren Marshall 2x12 Box die mit Kones bestückt ist vergleichen. Ich könnte mir sogar vorstellen, dass da die zwei Kabinets mindestens gleichgut sind, bzw gleichviel Druck machen. Dann würde ich dann aus praktischen Gründen mit zwei Kabinets arbeiten. Einfach zu transportieren und die schauen auch noch gut aus ;-)

    SKL Danke für Deine Infos und Erfahrungen. Ich bin mal gespannt was Du zu berichten hast wenn alles da ist und läuft.

    Ich betreibe das Kabinet übrigens an meinem Toaster mit Camplifier SHP, da glaube ich aber nicht das es hier noch Unterschiede zu PowerHead gibt.

    CamperBollie Ja, das liebe Holz. So schade das ich meinen Kone aus Bequemlichkeit und wegen des Geldes eingetauscht habe. Denn unterm Strich wird der Eigenbau bei mir immer teurer, aber Pressspan, echt jetzt. Wenn ich die Büchse nur auseinander bekäme ohne sie zu zerstören, dann würde ich Dan nochmal testen/vergleichen…

    Oder hat hier schon mal jemand ein Kabinet gegen einen Kone im Vollholz bzw. Birkemultiplex Gehäuse verglichen?

    Das Kemper Kabinet ist hinten nicht verklebt, die Rückwand sitzt einfach sehr sehr "passend" im Gehäuse. Ich hab sie Blut und Wasser schwitzend rausgezogen 8o Aber Vorsicht, vorher Kabel vom Kone lösen, da die dann ruckartig rauskommt.

    Ich bin auch dabei, das auszutesten. Habe nun 2 Kone in ein 2x12 Gehäuse von Marshall eingebaut. Dieses werde ich bald mit meinem 2x12 V30 Harley Benton vergleichen. Was mich interessieren würde, wäre danach ein Vergleich des 2x12 Gehäuses mit Kone mit 2x Kemper Kabinet. Irgendwie habe ich den Verdacht, dass die Kabinets sehr gut gelungen sind. Nur ist ein Kabinet eben manchmal zu schwach...

    Leider habe ich aber nur ein Kabinet und kann den Test so nicht durchführen...

    Sollte jemand hier mitlesen, der in meiner Nähe wohnt (Schweiz, Rapperswil), ein Kabinet besitzt und Lust hat, bei so einem Vergleich (Inkl. Laut, ev. mit Schlagzeug oder Drumcomputer) dabei zu sein... bitte melden :)