Assignable parallel signal path output?

  • OK, my situation as it stands.

    I'm using my Kemper for guitar and bass at different times throughout the night in a Top 40, Classic Rock cover band. When two guitars are required I use backing tracks for bass and else. I'm using two AB Cadabras to switch my wireless inputs and mute my bass output via midi. Guitar is coming from main stereo outs while bass is coming from Loop Mono in Mod section of Effects sent to Direct Out. Works fine...except when

    Trying to utilize parallel path for bass. Is the parallel path mixed back in only at the Main Outs? I'd like to mix it back in at the Direct Out. Is this possible? Future firmware update?

    Is there a more efficient way I could run my system? (Besides buying 2 Kempers or making up my mind if I want to be a guitar or bass player. Lol)


  • I'm not sure where the insert point is for parallel path, but you might try going to your output settings and looking at the Direct Out. It's probably set to be something different than your stereo outs.

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  • Yeah, my Direct Out is set to Loop Out (which I'm using as my bass output) and I haven't found any mention of where the return is for Parallel Path so I was thinking right before reverb and delay. Hopefully in a future update.