Ability to route 2 or more delays in parallel post amp stack (solved)

  • Might be a little premature this feature request as we are not certain exactly what features are going to be available when all the new delay types are releases.

    I want to know if it’s possible or going to be included in the new delays/later firmware the ability to route 2 delays in parallel after the amp stack module so the tails/repeats from one delay are not feed into the second delay (series).

    I’ve always wanted to run 2 delays (now possible with 4.0 although only 2 taps per delay) somewhat like Steve Lukather did with his Lexicon PCM70 units, which from my best understanding is as follows:

    Delay 1: Based on the Circular Delay preset from the PCM70 (needs to be a 3 tap delay), the basic settings minus the levels, diffusion, feedback etc are:
    Tap 1: 292ms, panned hard left
    Tap2: 584ms, panned hard right
    Tap3: 888ms, panned centre

    This delay when set up creates the feeling of delay repeats running around in a circle going from left to right to centre and back again, as in the name basically in a “circle”. Used at around half or less the level of the main guitar signal creates an almost reverb type wash behind the guitar, preserving your main tone.

    Delay 2: Based on a ping pong delay preset called Panned Delays is a simple ping pong delay:
    Tap 1: 376ms, panned hard right
    Tap2: 768ms, panned hard left

    He would have the Circular Delay setting on nearly all the time using it almost as a reverb while not washing out the main tone. When he wanted a large delay for say solos he would also kick in the Panned Delays, running in parallel on top of the Circular Delay.

    The way the Kemper delays work now the first delay repeats would feed into the second delay creating some very strange rhythmic repeats once it makes its way out of the second delay, whilst running the delays in parallel would just continue to create a “wall or wash” of delays a bit similar to a reverb.

    I created my approximation of the circular delay having to use 2 delays to approximate 3 taps like Steve has done when using delay stomp boxes rather than his racks last night and quite pleased with the results, I’ll post them in a separate post later if anyone wants to try them out and tweak from there. Once the new delays are released this setting should be fully via one delay with 3 or more taps, smear/diffusion etc.

    Sorry for going on and straying quite a bit from the topic of the post. :saint:

  • I think it would be great to be able to route other effects post amp stack this way too such as micro-detune and hyper chorus etc in parallel as well as series to appoximate/mimic the way the likes of Dann Huff, Tim Pierce, Michael Landau and Steve Lukather did with their rack setups sending out the signals to a mixer.

  • Relating to my original post,

    To do the "exact" replica of the PCM70 Circular Delays preset I have been able to achieve this with the Rhythm Delay, so now I'm only using one delay slot instead of the two in serial I had to before, so that is a massive plus to free a slot up for me..

    Rhythm Delay is the only new delay algorithm that can make the three taps go from left - center - right correctly as the quad delay's feedback triggers a different pattern due to the lines running in parallel. Sadly however in the beta 5.0 there is no smear in quad and rhythm delay (unless I'm missing something) and the one of the key components of the PCM's circular delay is the "diffusion" control, which is smear in the Kemper. So sadly I'm still not 100% able to create the exact delay I want.

    I'll open a separate post regarding this to see if there are plans in the final version to have smear available in every single delay. I figure that obviously the rhythm delay is there to create clear "unsmeared" rhythmic delay patterns but seeing that using it is the only way to create the sound I'm going for smear is needed also.