No backlight on brand new remote

  • My remote had a loose contrast pot from day one. And on occasion the remote would malfunction , either while I was looping and or sometimes just move the remote and it caused havoc by freezing and restarting the KPA it's self. The contrast would never stay level.

    I didn't have the display issue , I sent it out for service, they couldn't replicate it, but tightened everything up. And it worked fine for a while. I moved the unit the other day and barely knocked the contrast knob and it went into a freeze or just became dark. Very strange .

    Kemper support told me the first time I got it back, if it acts up again , they will just replace it. I haven't reported it again as it happened only once. But definitely contact support , the US service center is in Texas which is where they will send it first I believe. Unless they can fix it via phone.

    They built it so it's tough and hard to get the right tools to take it apart , at least for me, ( I just wanted to tighten up the pot but can't get to it )

  • Thank you for the response(s),

    I updated the firmware and tried a different cable, no luck. Between Kemper's support and Sweetwater's support, I ended up filming on my iPhone and emailing to them what happened to the remote board when I turned on the Kemper rack mount. Sweetwater is going to ship me a new remote board with a shipping label to ship back the old remote board, Ethernet cable, and manuals. They sent me a dud, no harm/no foul. I'll wait on the new remote board and see how things work from then on out. I'm extremely happy with the factory tones already.