Git+processing + stack + DLY + REV (no amp/cab)?

  • I would really like to be able to get this Output source. Am I the only one that would benefits from it?

    It could be awesome to use the monitor output or Direct send and send the signal to the input of a combo. I am not 100% satisfied with guitar cab or FRFR methods for use on stage.

    I know this method doesn't use the amps of the Kemper (and the best part of it) but I'd rather use this method than having to do compromises on my tone on stage.

    I'm using in-ears for my live monitoring, but I can't find a perfect solution for my bandmates that are not using in-ears or bands that needs to get sounds from the stage. Or it could simply be for rehearsals. I can't get the tone I want from the actual methods.

  • I want to be able to keep the Kemper sound in my in-ears, if I do that I won't need the Kemper and that is something I want to keep in my rig.

    Kemper into FOH and this method (git-stack-dly-verb) for the stage sound.

  • I must admit, I don't understand the whole intend.

    You are stating to be not 100% satisfied with a guitar cab or FRFR on stage … ok. But you are using in-ears for your personal monitoring anyhow.

    So, the only audience for your combo setup is the bandmates? And they cannot accept the sound from the PROFILER via guitar cabinet or FRFR!? May I ask why? What is the practical advantage for your bandmates to just monitor the PROFILER effects via a combo versus monitoring the complete PROFILER sound that you enjoy and the audience enjoys - hopefully - via stage monitors?

    I would at least consider a combo with an effect return and feed the PROFILER signal just without cabinet simulation into it.

  • Sending a dry guitar signal + delay + reverb into the front of a combo is probably not going to work out well. Unless the preamp is 100% clean (and since you're not using the Kemper's amp section, I doubt it), the preamp's saturation and distortion will amplify, compress, and distort the delay + reverb. Have you ever tried taking a nice, subtle delay effect and then putting it in front of an amp with any amount of gain? That subtle delay is suddenly huge and overpowering.