NAMM 2019

  • Dunno why some people are so disappointed. I like what i've seen so far from Kemper. Can't wait to work with the new editor.

    I don't think anyone is disappointed here. Only saying that it would be nice to have some parameters to edit besides the ones in the chain modules. Probably Input, Output and Lock would be the more demanded. But as @G String already pointed out, what we have seen is nothing more than a preview and there will be changes.

    Kemper has proven to listen to the users requests, even if it takes time, so I don't see any harm in asking for some features that would be very useful.

  • Spring reverb before the amp...horrible! I hate this editor already!

    CK designed the reverb like the real 63 fender reverb tank ... pre amp :)

    How can you hate something not available and not yet finished ?

    Seriously , that's lot of stuff coming this year , lots of R&D and this is an example of how every company should take care of it's customers , even if it's very slow, it's still a small company, not mercedes benz ;)

    I'm impatient trying the new preset selection for instance , but I'm not complaining , I'm playing & recording in the meanwhile and my tone keeps getting better thanks to the new reverbs :)

  • I assumed Johnathanthomas83 was being cheeky.

  • Yeah, me too and also

    di / poweramp / 1x 12 with a celestion v30

    and merged or di with the cone v30

    when there are nearly the same results ( also with other loaded cabs), than it is the next level of gear. 16 diffrent cabs by spinning a wheel.

  • In my haste to write something witty, I now look a bit silly given that spring reverbs historically sat in front of the amp! I never knew that.

    In all seriousness though, I'm mightily impressed with the new reverbs, the new speaker seems to be pretty cool (not a fan of the look of the cab though) and the editor looks really great. Super impressed!

    It makes sense now, with NAMM, that they waited all this time to say something about all the work that's been going on. I personally cannot wait until it's all released. What a time to be a Kemper owner!