User assignable keystrokes

  • I am one of those weirdos who hates using a mouse unless absolutely necessary. I would far rather you keyboard shortcuts to get things done accurately and quickly without the fatigue of hovering over a mouse.

    In most software I use, such as my DAW, there is an option for users to assign their own custom keyboard commands.

    I would love to see this added to RM also.

  • +1

    I flagged this too. Desperately need a “save” shortcut key

    And the ability to create custom ones.

    For example I’d love one that lets me adjust Rig Volume up/down... then one to save.

    That way during rehearsal I could have performances up on screen, with the Rig module selected.. and just reach over, press a couple keyboard buttons to adjust level and save. Without needing to use two hands to use the mouse like I have to do now.