New to MBritt Profiles Which Packs do you suggest

  • I waded through both M Britt and Tone Junky stuff looking for some profiles a while back. Tone Junkie put his Dirty Surly (Friedman Dirty Shirley) profile pack on sale and I wanted one of those amps. I bought that profile pack and haven't felt the need to buy anything more. it does everything from clean through classic rock and into some much more saturated tones. I think M Britt has some profiles of the same amp.

    Since then I have purchased a Friedman Twin Sister head. I may create some profiles of that head myself. I have another amp that is hand built that I have been gigging with for 6+ years that I did some profiles of that came out really good. Between the profiles in the one pack I bought and the ones I have created of my own amp, I haven't felt the need to own more. I have few other amps that I am trying to decide if I want to profile them before I sell them... :)

    All of this to say, maybe start small. You may find something you are really happy with on the first shot. Don't rule out creating profiles of your own amps that you are already used to using. That is free.