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    Out of the pedals I bought it is the Atlas by Source Audio that made it on to my board. This pedal has all of the options you could ever want in a compressor. It also has all of the different types of compressors in it. If you use compressor plugins in your DAW, this should be very familiar territory for you. It is all software bases.

    The thing that really tipped the scales for me, not that the adjustability isn't a good enough reason, you have quick access to 6 presets in it. It literally takes seconds to change to a different type of compressor or drastically different compressor settings.

    I bought an adaptor for my cell phone and I run the app for it on my phone. I can plug a cable into it from my phone and make any adjustments I want to make to it. You can do this with your computer as well but it is really nice to have the ability to do that from your phone wherever you happen to be.

    I compared this to some other high end compressor pedals. I have a couple of others I really like as well but none of them can do all of the things the Atlas does.

    I am a dirt pedal junkie. I have quite a collection of them. I have been holding myself back from buying a couple others. I just went though a purchase spree and picked up like 5 more. The latest thing that has been eating up my free time is that I have started building pedals. I started with a kit for a King Of Tone clone. Man, it turned out really good. That got me started. I have 4 more dirt pedals in the works now. I have a lot of the solder work done on each of them. I know the next one I am going to build after I finish these. I have two requests, one from a family member and the other from a coworker, to build them a pedal based on a specific famous pedal. We shall see how the current ones go. I am building one of the pedal that both of these guys asked me to build. For anyone wondering where I have been, that is where my time has been going.

    JEverly the best compressor I ever saw was the Keeley, and I have one. ;)

    I dropped a lot of cash on compressors to do an in depth test. Something very interesting happened. I had just put a Keeley Compressor Plus on my board and thought it was the best compressor I had ever played. In the end after doing an in depth dig into 5 compressor pedals, the Keeley Compressor Plus is my least liked one of the 5. It took hundreds of dollars to figure that out.

    Thanks J! I figured out the bass a bit better on my follow up mixes. And I will be posting a new one today.

    I need to get done playing with these pedals and get my recording rig set back up. I need to start laying down some ideas. We need a club for this stuff.... :)

    I tell ya I am really diggin this pedal. I'm using mostly clean profiles now with the BE-OD in front of the Kemper. I've even used it on a bass for my latest mix. This one is a keeper!

    I have been on a pedal buying spree again. I have found some that I really like and have a couple more on the radar. I am hoping to hold myself off for a while on the last two. They are expensive.

    I have really fallen in love with the Keeley Super AT Mod. I loved it so much that I bought two of them. After getting the first one and playing with it I decided I needed a second one of them so I can have one on my board on the AT setting and another on the Phat setting. I play my HSS guitars a lot and this way I have one set for the humbucker and one set for the single coils.

    I found a couple of other great ones as well. I am kind of an Overdrive pedal junkie. I have a good number of them that I really like.

    I have also gone on a compressor adventure. I now have 5 compressors and have been doing a shootout with them. Some of the ones of these I bought were very expensive too. I need to slow down. I could buy a new Kemper for what I have dropped in pedals in the past couple of months.

    On top of all of that, I finally found a pedal kit of something that I think will be useful to me once it is built so I will be building a pedal in the weeks to come... I have been wanting to do that for a long time.

    Getting tighter. I can definitely hear your improvement.

    If compression isn't working on the bass something isn't set right. That should do what you need.

    One last thing, ALWAYS go on 1.

    I have an FM9 as well as a Kemper Stage. The FM9 is much more complicated than the Kemper. There are so many deep parameters that you could dive into in the Fractal world. That is not good or bad to me. What I can say is that I play the Kemper much more because the raw amp tones in the Kemper sound and feel much more like the real amp. I mostly use profiles of amps I own, even though the profiles of one of them I actually got from Tone Junkie. I couldn't have done them any better than he did and I got them on sale. They are the only paid profiles I have purchased.

    Depending on the type of music and tones you play would depend on which of these units is better for you. To me, the Fractal unit is better at high gain tones. I am not a big high gain player. I play tones from super clean to medium gain and occasionally medium high gain. The Kemper just does this better IMHO. If you are a high gain player a Fractal unit may be something you like. I like having both but hardly ever power on the FM9. There is another use case I bought the FM9 specifically for that I have not been doing much lately but if I go back to it, the FM9 will get more use and I will have to deal with the over compressed amps in it, again IMHO.

    Congratulations on the new OD. I have the single version of it. I am a big fan of Friedman pedals. I have most of them. I started with the BE-OD. I like the Dirty Shirley and the Sall Box better than the BE-OD but they are all great. I have had the DS on my board for quite a while. I also have a Twin Sister amp. I can tell you they nailed the sound of the amp in that pedal. I don't know how they did it but they did it. The circuit that they use in all of these that makes them touch sensitive started in the BE-OD and they have used it in the rest of them.

    Once you plug the Kemper in with USB and the new firmware, you are essentially connecting a second interface to your computer. I doubt it will use any of the drivers or software of the RME interface. Those pieces of software are designed for the RME. The ASIO driver could be more universal/standard.

    You seem like a genuine guy….right until that last question.

    I did nothing to you, except call you out for being a jerk. The reality is that, from your initial post this week, you’ve had some sort of obsession with active members. None of which did anything to deserve it.

    “Mix it up?” The only time you responded like a human being was when you were called out. In the end, you couldn’t even get that right.

    So yeah….Troll.

    I had to hunt for that ignore button. I feel like it is trolling as well. I really don't need to read everything negative "mixing it up" that someone can come up with. I prefer to read positive posts instead.

    "Mixing it up" means something different where I live than where he lives evidently. Where I live that means we are out back throwing fists at each other.

    Masters hate me and I love it. I bring up everyday user problems we are having and they just want to dismiss it. But just know I’ll be here to point it out till they kick me off.

    Why the attitude? If you need help with something post about it with details and people will help you. If you are only here to complain about the Kemper, sell it and move on. The way this thread started off isn't going to go anywhere good, especially if you keep putting the attitude out there. If getting kicked off of the forum is your goal, just delete your own account. No need to drag us through the drama in the process. We don't make or maintain the Kemper. We are users, just like you.

    I am not sure that I am a Master, I am surely not a Genius but I have played a lot of gigs in my life and NONE of them were prerecorded.

    For someone that plays gigs, having consistent sound is a great thing. There are times when there are power issues at some venues that can change the sound of a tube amp. Aging tubes can also cause changes throughout the night as they heat up. Nobody said that they didn't have to make tweaks on digital units for the room. The bigger the room and PA the less the room matters to some extent. The sound will be loud enough to overcome some aspects of the room. The sound engineer will adjust the FOH sound for the room so you don't have to tweak much if any to a digital unit for the room at that point.

    It is not your monkey brain. That is exactly how it works. The distorted sounds are compressed. If you want the clean sounds to work like the distorted sounds, put a compressor on them. If you record them in your DAW you can see this in the waveforms.

    Yes, the Kemper can do "it" (90% of the songs) without a help from its friends. There is a rest of songs, however, that the Kemper cannot do alone. Big examples that are always mentioned everywhere are: Mysterious Ways, All the songs that use the Korg A3 (Zooropa) and some special things like songs with that special Auto Wah or fx like the "sirene" in Vertigo.

    You can either don't play those special U2 songs (about 10% ?) with your Kemper alone and concentrate on the rest which should be fine. But if you want to go all the 9 U2 yards you have to find workarounds with other units like myself. Or buy an fm9 (like me) and compromise (imho) in terms of the core sound. And THAT is it for me. The core sound of the Kemper is better (for me and only for me in this case).

    I hope that was clear. No, I KNOW it was clear before, dude, but you just wanted to hear it again, that's ok :).

    It isn't just you. I have the FM9 and the Kemper Stage and I find the base amp sounds on the Kemper are better for me as well. I also find that they react more like the real am with picking dynamics and volume knob changes on the guitar. I get flack for mentioning that anywhere but this forum.

    Yes but that was not the point (thanks for confirming what I said but there are a lot more examples, not only U2). The point is maybe that we tend to define facts and reality on just our own horizon, needs and experiences and claim things that we have no clue of, just because we've never experienced those needs and applications. But others who have and who also have found the solutions for themselves and for others with the same needs, know better...maybe? So: YES, we "need" good fx in an "all in one unit", CK agreed on that 12 years ago. Good that he did.

    I can agree with what you are saying. I see it a lot when discussing high end guitars vs budget guitars, digital units such as Kemper and Fractal, sound boards, etc.. You don't know until you know. Once you have had an experience and learned from it you can more easily hear when someone else doesn't have the experience by what they say.

    No need for new hardware. The updates will run on ALL Kemper units. That is some serious value in the purchase. I think the Stage is a great design. It makes complete sense to the folks coming from tube amps and pedals to the Kemper. I caught on to it really fast when I got mine.