Tips for live sound needed? How to deal with increase in loudness -> treble presence

  • Hey guys ,
    I have the "problem" when you set a preset to taste at home . and then playing at your rehearsal or live . The sound is more treble offcourse during the increased loudness.
    But i place my amp at an angle live so the amp sound goes straight to my ears . but i always find that in my ears its way too trebly . but when you ask someone in the audience they don't have the problem as they stand further . So i ask is their a way to compensate this? Or how do you guys setup your gear for live?

    Here is how i set things up . tips are welcome

  • "when you set a preset to taste at home"

    this is the issue, you set a sound without context and and the wrong volume.

    Either dial them in during rehearsals (that's what they're there for, too) or at proper volume at home.

    You can also stop angling the cabinet, so that the 'beam' hits your ears - even with tube amps I've never seen anyone do that.

    Tilt it back a little, sure - on a chair, yes - but right in the 'beam' will always be nasty.

  • Wouldn't a "Fletcher-Munson knob" be cool? :)

    Yeah, I mentioned something like this in another post a while ago. There are some attenuators out there that compensate the EQ for different volumes (Fryette PS2, Tone King Iron Man, Bass Waza Tube Expander...). Would be so nice if Kemper could implement something along these lines.

  • just FYI ;)

    "The Fletcher–Munson curves are one of many sets of equal-loudness contours for the human ear, determined experimentally by Harvey Fletcher and Wilden A. Munson, and reported in a 1933 paper entitled "Loudness, its definition, measurement and calculation" in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.[2] Fletcher–Munson curves have been superseded and incorporated into newer standards."

    Equal Loudness Contour is the better name

  • I think that's why people had issues with Michael Britt's profiles - some were caught for live use which would sound more muddy at home. Try the 2020 pack, he has performances added that he uses for live work.

    You can sometimes tilt an amp a bit, but as said pointing at your ears is a little too much , (although my buddy used to play a twin reverb which always sounded like an ice pick in head wherever the bloody thing was on stage :))

    PS a lot of that treble will be swallowed up once the room fills - presume no one used to go to MB's gigs (joking joking gulp)

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