DD3 delay trick with Kemper

  • In the feedback page of the delay effect, you have the option of the Infinity switch which can be assigned to a footswitch on the remote or the Stage. Then you can change the speed of the delay. That should emulate the effect you are looking for.

  • I followed your instructions and tried out 4 different delay types and sorry... it do not work and it seems like the infinity control itself has absolutely nothing to do with.

    I want to achieve the Paul Gilbert delay trick he use in the "Get out of my yard" intro.

    Paul said in an rig rundown interview : "800ms is really short and I want more. Unfortunately the DD3 is the only pedal on the market that work like this way".

    So i know it is special - but... I got a Kemper and must buy a DD3 to get this??

  • In that video, it seems like Feedback is set to Max, so the delay buffer keeps repeating without decaying. Hence the suggestion by CelticGibson to activate "Infinity", which ups the feedback for as long as it is engaged. But you could also just turn the Feedback parameter to 100%.

    For the pitch shifting effect, however, you have to disable "To Tempo". "To Tempo" sets the delay time in note values, i.e.: it jumps between discrete multiples or divisions of the current tempo in BPM. For pitch shifting, you need to be able to adjust the time continuously in milliseconds.

    Quote from manual

    If “To Tempo” is not engaged, then Delay Time controls the absolute delay time in milliseconds. The maximum delay time is 2000 ms. As you dial through the delay times, you will notice the change in pitch, typical of tape-speed changes in a tape delay.

    I've just given it a try using the Single Delay algorithm (others should work too, for more complicated patterns). I don't know if it sounds exactly like the example in that video, but disabling "To Tempo" does make the delay pitch-shift like a traditional tape delay as you turn the Delay Time knob.

  • Yeah, you can definitely do that on the Kemper delay by setting delay time to milliseconds and adjusting it as it feeds back. Another fun trick is doing the "El Capistan" signiture sound by setting the delay time to 0ms, feedback very high, and cranking up the Flutter intensity. Gives you that warbly old tape sound.

  • Thanks for all your good ideas and reflections guys. And I've tried a lot...

    But anyway - it can not be done with Kemper delays obviously. No matter what settings or which position.

    The result is not even close and there's no approximation of what I want.

    DD3 is like: turning the knob up and down. Then turning it back to where you started and you will hear exactly the same

    sound-phrase that was originally played. As if you had never touched the time control.

    Kemper is: whenever you change the delay time, things just sound like noise and just gave random clicks, glitches and swirls and it not depends on how fast or slow you change the value or in which direction you turn the time knob.

    I am at a loss.:/