Can Kemper read MIDI signals through USB?

  • The MIDI controller I am using is powered by a USB cable, but connecting both the MIDI cable and the USB cable makes the cable very cumbersome.

    Can I use both power supply and MIDI signals from Kemper using only a USB cable?

  • How? Kemper has a 5 prong midi. It would need a 7 pin to carry a positive an negative to also dopower

    The Player doesn’t have a MIDI port. MIDI over USB only. The Head and rack may not be able to provide power, though.

    Per Morninstsr’s website:


    With MIDI over USB, control your favourite DAWs, plugins and music software on your computer or iPad. Easily MIDI map your desired controls to your foot switches with software like Ableton Live and Logic Pro.

    Morningstar controllers are also fully USB powered so you don't have to concern yourself with a separate power supply.

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