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    It's very cool that you addded the tube output section and that you like the result. I appreciate the work that you did. It is very novel. From an engineering standpoint, it is just not necessary. I'm only making this post to memorialize my view so that others are aware of a differing viewpoint. As a design engineer , this is a dubious method of improving a Kemper. YMMV and all that...

    the valves ad a feel an a realness that pushing air with a real amp does an better than a ss section for me. I just profiled my matchless an have got them exact. Exact. There no adding fluff or colour add room levels. A guitar experience is about feel as much as the sound, an this does it for me. Just bought a palmer AB box that uses the same cab an removes all variables in comparing sound. Even brain drifting when you change cables for 5 seconds. . I love it

    Do amps come in stereo? people are confusing this product as a replacement or little brother to the rest of the line. See it as a new product or new solution. I didnt think I wanted one but the more I think about running my strymon bluesky after this Im keen to make a travel board with it. Its just a new solution, not a replacing one. A screen would of made this bigger, an then closer to the stage. CK knows what hes doing.

    I had this with a modified Carvin i went to a reheasal space and DI profiled it at volume. Kemper box an all. Some amps just do not want to profile right. This Carvin Valvemaster 2 was one of them. Clean profiles have this boomey bass thing an the distortion ch you can get, but it takes experimenting with the volumes. Some amps just profile great an some dont. I read negative feedback architectured amps have the issue

    I do DI profiles only and have been experimenting some time to get it as close as possible. All I can say is what sounds realistic as di profile through real cab does not always sound good in ya DAW with a IR. This is half my problem with profiles from rig manager or verndors. turning the cab off a studio profile doesnt get realistic results. Its either one or the other or lots of tweaking.

    People will complain no screen etc. But method to the madness. Its to be used like a overdrive pedal. They just threw in some bits to keep people happy and for first time users. If ya want more, get the stage. This is meant to be setup an used, not tweaking. It brilliantly keeps the big units relevant too. Good move Kemper. People may jump the ship an try this then want the larger units, it will bring more kemper adoption for sure

    There are hundreds of so-called clean rigs in RM but they all sound dull, boring and lifeless, even after adding treble and presence from my profiler. At 12 o'clock rig volume there's even almost no sound audible and also they all sound alike. From all those 22658 rigs in my RM there isn't any that sounds pristine, clear, bright, crispy and with a substantial amount of volume. The ones that do have volume are quite distorted so that they are useless too.

    Am I missing here something or is it really hard or even impossible to get or to make a really nice clean useable tone with enough basic volume?

    Because they are lifeless an dull. You really need to do your own if you want to be happy. That was my cure anyway. Kemper excels at cleans an hairy cleans, you just have to work out what floats your boat. I got some great stuff I need to get off my behind an upload. Dont forget to play with definition an pick attack.

    I designed a jazzmaster case with crossrock an thats a good inbetweener with the backpack straps an that. I would never use a gig bag it freak me out if it left my sight like a plane or van etc. A flight case for my kemper was the best thing I did too, I take it whenever i go to europe or australia. I would love to get a carlton case but they are stupid expensive an way a TON