LOL, this is below LOW... even for Cliff

  • He used to yes. But not on his last tour.

    I'm pretty sure you're just trolling, and if you're not, LINK PLEASE.

    As far as I know, this is from his most recent tour (January 2013), it's a video of him doing a run down of his rig, pretty clear to me: AxeFX II for effects only.


  • Well if you really care what the majority of big selling acts uses you should not even bother looking at the Axe or the Kemper, just get yourself some tube amps and a pedalboard.... :D

    "Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music" Serghei Rachmaninoff

  • :D Who is this .. Lukather? :D But seriously, don't say my name in the row of these GREAT guitar players. I'm a nobody!

  • Mmnh... When a BIG NAME claim high and strongly that he use a specific gear I think it's mostly suspect these days don't you think?... Because real BIG NAME don't really need a specific gear to sound good... But maybe to make some extra $$$?... So it's why I don't care much about BIG NAME, I mostly trust my ears! ;)

  • to be fair the axe roster is quite impressive but as has been mentioned many use it purely for effects. I did notice only today the the Deftones recorded Koi No Yokan with the Axe using what seemed to be a profile type function. I think they called it match. They basically matched the sound of the miced amp and then went of to record. Copycat anyone??? Either way, the record does sound awesome.

  • Mhhh... let's see what we have here...

    But let me state in advance that I don't buy any "my dick is bigger than yours" attitude.

    No offence, but no big names at all uses the Kemper. Or am I just looking the wrong places?

    As I said, I also don't really care, but comparing the artist list IMO the axe wins by 100000 miles.

    This is a progress! You moved from statement #1 to statement #2. Good.


    I am deff not a pro so i often look to an "expert" rewiewing a product.

    So you buy your gear because someone told you that it's good? And the greater to your eyes the artist, the safer you feel buying?


    I just don't see any experts on the Kemper side.
    With experts i mean top selling artists.

    Apart from the above-mentioned artists using the KPA (I can't see how ANY of them would use a KPA if it did not sound good), I tend to consider the sound engineers much more expert than the artists themselves in terms of quality of sound, because they always have\want to produce at their best.
    You can tour with a 100$ Squire and a POD, but studio engineers always look for the best possible sound.
    What an artist chooses is often related to habits, personal preferences, a feeling of comfort... Furthermore, they may change gear for a number of reasons (a need for a creativity boost, being bored, the excitation of trying new stuff, experiments, endorsements, the chase for a sonic change...).

    Heck, I don't consider a Danelectro one of the best guitars ever or a Pignose one of the best amps ever, but they have been used by pros. What has this to do with "quality"? If Zappa (Frank) used a Pignose does it mean that it sounds better than a Mesa\Boogie?
    Many professional engineers are using and praising the KPA. Would you consider Michael Wagener like a "not expert"? Would he risk of producing a bad sounding record? Why?

    Well so sorry if I offended you by asking.
    It was a simple question, don't see what that have to do with trolling.

    I don't expect you would go to a Fender (amps) forum and say "hey, why the hell Xyyyy (insert any very big name here) uses a Mesa instead? Fender suck!"

    Trolling is implied in the transition from your statement #1 to #2. The first was a question (maybe legitimate, although strange); when you got answers you started bashing the names you were being suggested.
    Please don't take it wrong, but if you don't like the sound or the usability of the KPA you're entitled to not take it into consideration: no-one is going to force you.

    Sure it is you. How many artists ("top selling") use the same rigs\gear? I could list by heart at least 200 of them who use different guitars, amps, fx, and make equally great music. Which of them exactly do you think is "wrong"? Those using the Strato or those using the LP? Those using the Axe or those using Carvin? I know: those using the KPA...

    Ha ha that might be a bit optimistic, but none the less fun :)

    Probably you haven't been following the recent event and are unaware of how much of the Axe-Fx development derived from the existence (and the success) itself of the KPA.

    Anyways, I am sorry if someone got offended, But I am just trying to figure this out.
    Was in no way my plan to stur peoples evening.
    Back to playing guitar now ;)

    I don't believe anyone got really offended! Just trying to figure out what the hell you've come here for, and what you expected to get 8|

  • I will play along here .... To the trolls -- the entire marketing campaign and promotion of Fractal is to get celebrity "endorsers" and attempt to convince uninformed guitarists that it must be great if they use it too! :)

    Just look at their ads, it's 90% pictures of players, 10% product. That says a lot. Even the messaging in their ads ..."what do all these pros have in common"....blah....they promote the artists more than the product!!!! So it's no surprise these artists are lining up for FREE ADVERTISING.

    And I can't name many "top" artists who use the Fractal for AMPS on their recordings. And VAI's rig is definitely NOT Fractal for amps. That's total BS.

    I just saw Dweezil last week in Baltimore and even his rig has much more pedals than ever (with the Fractal)..... Rush uses the Fractal predominately for effects, so does Petrucci, VAI, etc. etc. etc. Yawn.......

    On the other hand - you are seeing the Kemper popping up in studios where it really matters. Endorsements from real producers!

    If you are really that influenced by what someone else plays -- then good luck.

  • Anyways, I am sorry if someone got offended, But I am just trying to figure this out.
    Was in no way my plan to stur peoples evening.

    On second thoughts, you don't have to's understandable.

    Here's some advice... don't try figure it out. :)
    The more you try figure it out the deeper into the abyss you'll go.

    Let's take Steve Vai as one single example.
    If we try figure out why he plays Ibanez guitars and Carvin Amps we'll just end up in confusion?...and that's just ONE example of one guitarist.
    So, in the context of the above the fact that he uses an Axe-FX for some FX becomes irrelevant.
    Every famous guitarist uses different FX/OD/Comp/Distortion pedals on his pedalboard, and different amps, let's try figure that out as well...we'll be here forever.
    How about Satriani, or George Benson, Andy Timmons, all play Ibanez, why?
    Aren't Gibson, Fender, Suhr, Tom Anderson much better guitars than Ibanez (not IMO)...why did these guys choose Ibanez and you and I didn't?

    You'll be surprised at how many big pro's play certain gear for convenience sake or by coincidence.
    Take Slash for example.
    He's busy recording AFD and he mentions to his manager that he's not completely happy with his guitar tones.
    His manager happens to be in a music store and notices a Les Paul made by Kris Derrig.
    He brings it back to the studio for Slash to try out.
    Slash falls in love with it, records the album with it, takes it on tour and becomes responsible for the revival of the Les Paul...saves Gibson's ass, revives the company and inspires Gibson to make the Slash signature Les Paul and allows Slash to put Gibson decals on his Derrig guitars.
    It all started by coincidence, fate, who knows...try figure that out. :)

    Fractal - 7 years
    Kemper - 1 year.
    Let's be patient.

  • I was told that Vai was very very close to ditch the Axfx after its bad programming by Cliff/Matt. He even madly shout at it/them during his last tour. There is even some youtube footage of this incident somewhere. Tons of excuses saved their ass.

    So we have (often not so great) manufactures kissing the asses of great performers and, (often not so great) performers kissing the asses of great manufactures. And then really bad performers kissing the butts of (often not so great) performers.

    Its a weird ass kissing world out there. 8o During writing I ask myself in which catogorie I am in... ;(

  • Yes Lukather is a great player.
    As for the others on Kempers list I simply dont know them.
    That might be my mistake, dosnt really matter.
    I was simply asking for a reason why the artist list was so much more impressive on the Axe, that's all.
    But jeez ppl take that as an offence.
    Last i looked it was only gear. Not religion.
    I will be quiet now.