Factory presets only

  • I would like to have a feature to be able to import the factory presets only. As far as I know the only way to do this is by importing the factory rigs from the KPA menu. This is really a hassle if you only want the presets, even more now that the rigs you can have are limited.

  • hey.

    I'm not sure this request is relevant to enough users to justify implementing a new feature.

    but here's the workaround:

    - make a backup
    - install the factory rigs from the System menu
    - make another backup
    - on your computer, make a copy of your first backup (just to be sure) ;)

    - on your computer, copy the local presets you want from the newer backup into the corresponding folders of your first backup, using the method described by Burkhard here: More convenience managing large amounts of rigs
    - place this backup on your USB stick and import it

    this description looks worse/harder than it really is and you won't have to use it very often, anyways ;)

  • Thanks. I know the backup/restore workaround :). I use it to manage my rigs since I have a lot on my KPA but I still think it would be great to be able to decide what do you want to get from the factory restore. If this is not feasible well then a feature to be able to export and import just settings would be great and probably more relevant in terms of number of users using it.