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    I have had my Kemper for a couple years now, and just started really enjoying the tones I was able to create in browser mode. I have a gig in a month, and I want to use the kemper live. I am having issues creating a Performance. I go to Performance Mode, find a blank or example Performance, and using the buttons on the Profiler Remote, I select the different slots and assign rigs with the browser button. Then I store the Performance, creating a new name. However when I then start playing that Performance, i've got different rigs in the slots from the ones I *thought* I had stored. What am I doing wrong?

    I'm going crazy trying to set up my expression pedal for a basic wah wah effect. I know this is basic, but i'm still not getting it. My expression pedal is plugged into input 1 in the back of the profiler with a stereo cable. I have assigned the stomp to a Bad Horsie pedal. When I play my guitar thru the rig I can tell that the wah pedal is on because of the tone. However, stepping on the expression pedal has no effect on the sound. I'm sure this is simple, but can someone help me out here?

    Hi I've recently become a Kemper owner, I've got the Profiler (the powered one). I want to hook up two Marshall 4x12 cabinets. I have hooked up one cab to the red speaker output on the back and that worked well. How can I hook up two? What is the best setup to get a similar response to a real amplifer?

    go into the Output Menu and check that you have the correct signal assigned to the Monitor Out.

    also check the power amp is turned on (check box in one of the last pages of the output menu)

    finall maker sure you haven’t turned the output volume all the way down then accidentally unlinked the Monitor Out from the Master Volume.

    Thanks both of you! I had a feeling it was something stupid, it was a setting in the Output Menu.

    You're welcome. Yes, you can check it that way, but check the volume level in the Output section and turn it WAY down. The output volumes might also be the possible cause of your issue, so check the other outputs there as well.

    Zappledan, there is sound coming from the headphone jack. So I wonder why no sound is going to the speakers?

    Welcome to the forum! A couple of things to start figuring this out:

    1. Is the tuner working and showing signal?

    2. Is the Input LED showing signal?

    3. Is there sound out of the headphone jack?

    4. Is your guitar plugged into the Input jack on the right, and not the Headphone jack on the left?

    Zappledan, thanks for trying to help me figure this out!

    1. YES


    3. I am not sure, I don't have a set of headphones with a quarter inch plug. Can i run a cable from the headphone jack to a powered speaker and test it that way?

    4. Yes I am plugged into the Input on the right.

    This is my first time posting. I have had my Kemper Profiler for about a's been working fine, I'm still just getting to know how it all works but everything was working correctly. Then suddenly I turned it on and I get NO SOUND through the speakers. I'm thinking I changed some setting and didn't realize what I did. Could this be something in the output menu? What would be the most common factors that would cause this issue? I know it's probably something stupid, but I can't seem to figure it out!