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    The tap tempo setting is freezing on me, still after upgrading to firmware 8.7.10 that was supposed to fix the issue.

    It seems to surface after tapping a “fast” tempo (guessing over 250bpm). I need to reboot to correct.

    Anyone else experience this? Resolutions?


    If the A/B comparison is the same then it shouldn't matter what the definition is. Right?

    It’s not unusual, perhaps it’s even usual, to alter definition to suit different guitars or pickups. f definition is at 0 or 10, then the profile has limited use.

    I witnessed the refining process alter the definition up to 10 and/or down to zero… I just skipped the refining process and ended up with a more versatile profile.

    Yeah, something is sometimes seemingly weird with refining.

    So the tap tempo froze on my Stage at gigs this weekend and last… not the physical button but rather just the tempo setting, and a reboot was needed to get the tap tempo working again.

    I’m on release, which has been stable for me otherwise and so have been hanging with that release level.

    Anyone else experience this? Has there been a known software issue with the tap tempo, and corrected along the way?

    Has Kemper spoken about the refining process outside of the limited instructions in the manual? Obviously folks are doing far more than “strumming chords with attitude for 20 seconds”. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    I believe he is just testing the guitar volume roll off to see how it compares from the real amp to the profile.

    Yeah, I see that now… I thought he had his partner roll something back on the Kemper, but see now he is just switching between the profile and amp.

    Take a look at some of the videos where Guido makes some profiles and look at just how surgical he is when refining.

    That's a helpful video! So refining is a reiterative process, hmmm...

    Any understanding with what is he doing at the 7:10 mark with the volume manipulation... which level and for what purpose?

    It is possible that some commercial Profiles have the Rig Volume or Amp Volume set higher, simply to appear louder and therefore 'better' than the competition.
    The loudness war is everywhere ;)

    The profiles that I am comparing to for purpose of balancing loudness have rig volumes set to 0 and amp volumes range from about 0 to 1.5 dB.

    The manual reads...

    "Adjust the “Return level” parameter so that the LED shows green at input signals. An exact adjustment is not necessary, the correct volume will be found automatically by the PROFILING algorithm."

    It seems to me that on overdriven captures "the correct volume will be found automatically by the PROFILING algorithm" is about 6 to 8 dB lower than what I'm hearing on comparable commercial profiles... the crux of my issue.

    So I'm seeking ways to effect/influence the captured level.

    Have you set input sens in a way that clean and distorted profiles have roughly the asame loudness?

    I believe you mean "clean sens"? I've explored the parameter, and with "clean sens" set to 0 dB (and "dist sens" also at 0 dB) I'm hearing a balanced loudness for clean and distorted tones, for example with MBritt clean and distorted profiles of the same amp.

    However if I capture a profile and compare it to the same MBritt profile (or any other commercial profile) my created profile may need a 6 to 8 dB boost for equal loudness when comparing the profiles.

    The profiles I am capturing are overdriven (not clean) profiles, and the imbalance seems to be relating to overdriven tones.

    Help me understand how the profiling process establishes the level of the capture?

    I'm finding that I have to increase the rig or amp level as much as 6 to 8 dB on some captures to get a comparable level to other profiles (eg. Tone Junkie, M Britt, Top Jimi).

    It seems that the return level during the capture is auto-adjusting, and perhaps limiting the level of the capture... if I try to increase the return level it knocks it back down.

    Capture levels also seem to be greater on clean tones, while overdriven tones seem lower levels.

    Insight is helpful and appreciated, thanks...

    I'm curious. Have you compared the refined profile at Definition 0 and 10 moving them back to 5, and then compared them to the unrefined profile?

    The unrefined profile at 5 sounds similar to refined profiles that end up at spectrum extremes of 0 or 10.

    If I raise a refined profile from 0 to 5 it’s too bright, and conversely 10 to 5 is too dark.