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    I have further tested NAM in the past weeks. My own conclusion so far is that it can copy tones better compared to Kemper, but somehow Kemper feels more... musical and better to play. So even if it is not a perfect copy - it is similar enough and a lot of times I can tweak it to be better than the original. I think what I feel is that NAM was a lucky shot while implementing a widely used generative model for audio processing (I think it uses Wavenet) while Kemper was made specifically for guitars. NAM is extremely precise, but feel is not yet there IMO. It is still impressive and I'll keep using it simultaneously.

    I agree. Check out tonehunt:

    After extensively testing NAM for a few weeks, I can say that it is a really cool piece of technology. Honestly, it is impressive for something this new and un-optimized. I have a pretty good setup for VSTs: I use a Lehle DI box into an PCIe RME interface. My setup can handle a buffer size of 32 @ 48 kHz without problem, so playing live is all good. I have found great profiles, great IRs, and great VST effect plugins to complement the core amplifier tones. I was totally satisfied with what I'm hearing... until I have switched on my Kemper again. :) I instantly liked my tones better through the Kemper. Its not easy to put my finger on why exactly. I'm definitely more familiar with the KPA and of course I have filtered out the best profiles suited for my playing style during the years, but there is something general about it which I like very much. It feels like home and I instantly feel like I can play better through it. It might be related to compression, or whatever input stage mojo... something, I do not know. What I know is that I like it very much. And this is an important thing. Personally I do not care about sounding exactly like a specific vintage Marshall from 1986. What I care about is recreating the best tones in my head and in a way that makes them play effortlessly. And in this, the KPA excels in my opinion. I'm starting to think about the KPA as an instrument of its own. It has a special character which I happen to like very much. But I can understand if this is a negative thing in the eyes of somebody else - after all adding its own character negatively affects the profiling functionality. If somebody does not like it... So long story short Kemper is still MY favorite - but the game just got a LOT more exciting. I wonder how Christoph and his company will be able to ride these new waves.

    I was missing out on the newer firmware versions because Rig Manager has some kind of strange conflict with my OS recently, so I cannot install it anymore. But now I have upgraded to the newest public beta with an USB stick. This volume decrease will piss off a lot of people. I think you should re-consider it.

    Finally back on my feet after loosing my job to COVID layoff. Loved the Sterling version so I had to buy its more expensive counterpart. BTW modding the Sterling with P-Rails has made this my new Swiss Army knife guitar. Cheers!

    Those are really good guitars. And P-Rails look like a great match for them. Do you find a big quality difference between the two guitars? Did they sound similar with the original pickups?

    After the most recent update, I'm seeing noticeably longer delays and switching between performances. In the past I've noticed that if I had the Kemper plugged into USB and rig manager not on, the switching times were slower like it was waiting to communicate or something. I've had a couple times when coming out of rig manager and unplugging USB, rig slots were named incorrectly giving me a scare, but after switching performances a bit, went back to normal. I haven't fully tested to see if it is mostly visual but for me there have been longer delays switching performances and rig slots than there has been from what I've seen but it's intermittent and usually the weirdest laggy activity is when I have just unplugged it from rig manager. If I just fire it up and go it seems to be pretty normal. Performance switching on front panel cross still likes to jump a number unless you peck it with a 1/128th note fingering. All in all I have noticed a difference from the last 2 years.

    Yeah, same here. It skips in Browse mode. Really annoying.

    When using effect pedals I'm always a little scared not to damage the input of the unit. I understand that we should keep unity gain when possible, as the KPA does not really have an as large dynamic range for input signals as a tube amplifier but does it hurt if for example a booster or fuzz pedal overloads the input? Or can the unique soft clipping on the input handle really strong boosted signals without damaging the components?