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    I saved few preset in the input section, one for each of my guitars, and I always keep the input locked.

    Every time I switch guitar during the concert I just long press the input button and rotate the knob to chose the right input preset.

    The input presets are sort alphabetically so I use a character in front of the name of the guitar (a-Tele, a-LesPaul, etc) to keep close the presets I use in the same concert.

    Just use a good method to refine clean and distortion sense and you can use the same performances with many guitars in the same gig ?

    alphabetical order, right.
    the presets have prefixes like BOOST or DIST or CHO - so they are ordered by type.

    Exactly.... and when I save a preset it doesn't even suggest to start with the right prefix. It shows the last preset I browsed even if it was of a different effect!
    For example: I chose a compressor preset in the slot A, I insert a chorus in another slot (turning the type knob) and if I want to save my preset (of the chorus) the profiler suggest me the prefix COMP... it's very messy!

    With the Type knob you'd have the broad categories as I suggested above, once chosen the Browse knob would ONLY show the effects specific for that category, so would not have to browse the whole list to find your sound. It's like using folders on a computer to organize and narrow searches. Sounds logical at least to me.

    I submitted a feature request a couple of years ago... I just stopped using effect presets :)
    Now I usually do copy/paste with others rigs slots... It's quicker than scrolling dozen of unwanted presets! ;)

    it's always been like this. although there has been some discussion if this behaviour should be changed.
    I use mostly the TYPE knob since it is faster - much more presets than STOMPS available, obviously. ;)

    I think you should change this behavior... Or at least allow to sort the presets by "type of stomps" and point to the appropriate position on the list according to the stomp choosed few second before.

    Are you sure that is a cable problem?
    I can move the connectors and try to force them without problems... Then, all of a sudden, without any movement of any kind, the remote turn off and reboot!
    It looks like a software problem to me.

    Yes I use the original cable - I guess it is not a connection problem (no physical problem) - cable ....

    to me it looks more like a software thing....

    How you solved the problem?
    I'm having the same issue with 3 or 4 disconnections every concert...

    I also tried setting the range below zero - and than it works...
    Is this such a strange use, that noone ever tried before??
    Is this so strange, that the Team can tell me: I am using it in such a strange way, no one needs it and therefore they dont see any priority to fix that?
    What is so strange and seldom in using the boost function of the pedal?
    Do I still miss something? Im puzzled...

    I use the volume pedal as an attenuator and it works. If you noticed that with your booster settings it doesn't work it is definitely a bug and you should contact support... eventually one day it will be fixed :)

    I am still wondering, why so many people can happily use this function... and how they are doing this.

    I simply have the "WhaPedal to Vol" checked and it works like as expected. If the Wha slot is active the pedal works like a Wha. With no Wha effect active it works like a Volume pedal... even on the same rig (I use the toe switch of a modified Cry Bayy to switch the Wha on and off and it works perfectly.)
    I don't have "Lock Vol.Pedal" checked...

    I just tried and it's working!
    I tried several times... in my Kemper (version 3.2.1) I switch from Browser to Performance mode, I turn the Browse knob and the list is pointing the last rig I listened in Browser mode. Perfect! :)

    Me too I find it weird and uncomfortable. I often want to check some adjustment on the stage before storing it and I'd like to do it in front of my monitor and not near the profiler... with this behavior, now, I can't.
    Every time I switch with the pedalboard I lose my adjustments.

    Been a while for update and I've seen that there is High/Low shelf in the works. I am starting to feel like a massive update is inbound at some point. Could it be game changing?

    I hope so! It's a long time we don't see any update ;)
    But instead of lot of new feature I'd like to have a new version with a fix for some illogical workflow and connection... I still have to connect my external switch to the rear of KPA instead of the Remote! :(


    What helps as an interim fix, is using some breaks after a few words. The written text shows up after you put a break after them... don&acute;t ask me why &nbsp;8|&nbsp;<br />
    That is currently my main reason i don&acute;t want to write in the forum anymore.&nbsp;<br />
    Normally i use my phone whilst i am browsing the forum, but it takes decades writing some posts and the error with the invisible text makes it annoying as hell :(


    Me too... and (sadly) it looks that the development in general is completely stopped.

    There are feature promised months ago that are still not implemented...