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    The RM is very useful, but still has a long way to go to be as intuitive to use as the Profiler’s front panel or any modern app. Copy/paste with the Stage is pretty clunky plus involves bending my almost 64 yo back and knees. I’m looking forward to lots of improvement in these areas.

    It’s nice that you have multi step workarounds, but users of modern applications expect to be able to drag&drop as the op suggests. I’d like to try a different amp profile with everything else the same in RM, I have to: lock everything but amp & cab, lock cab, copy over profile. I’d like to just drag

    I still firmly believe Kemper need to release a video of their expected workflow and functionality; i.e. how they are expecting people to use this. We're all doing things in different ways and getting different results, it seems.

    Unfortunately, if your UI supports doing things in multiple ways, all the multiple ways must work. There's no such thing as "we didn't expect you to do it that way."

    From Kemper's NAMM announcement, they would preview "a couple of tech and fx previews" along with the Kone, Kabinet & RM. Other than the acoustic sim, were there any other new effects to demo?


    I use performance mode, one performance/song. I had hoped that with the Editor would come more reliability in copying slots between performances, but I'm afraid it's still either quite buggy or unintuitive.

    Is there some particular dance I have to do using "Store" at just the right time, or something?

    This would be nice, if probably difficult. At the moment, the ability to set the outgoing PC for a performance slot in the editor would really be nice. I hope this is already planned as a future enhancement.

    As someone said previously, the Stage release has both necessitated and delayed the Editor. The Editor couldn’t be released until 7.0 was stable & that has taken an unexpectedly long time.

    I would’ve liked an editor from the start, but the Profiler has such a good UI, its lack was quite forgivable . The Stage UI is much less friendly and requires me to get down on the floor to use it.

    While I was pretty happy before without an editor, I am increasingly impatient waiting for one now.

    I always doublecheck that I have actually Stored a new Performance in my Kemper when I create it. I especially have to remind myself when I create the Performance in Rig Manager, and Drag and Drop it into the Kemper, If it shows "LIB" instead of a Performance Bank number, it isn't Stored yet.

    Pretty sure it was there & I scrolled to & from it, but it was late, so user error was possible.

    After using the Stage for a couple of Sunday mornings, here are my observations:

    1. Most of the muscle memory from the Toaster UI is useless, since the buttons are moved around or not there anymore and...
    2. Can't wait for the Editor. I'm too old to get down on the floor to adjust things.
    3. Stage/RM are still a bit "beta." Made a performance for a song last night & used it while practicing; this morning it was gone. I fully expect this to be all worked out very soon, but it seems they rushed this out before it was really ready, which is very much not like Kemper.
    4. I like having one less thing to carry. There was room on my pedal board to replace the Remote with the Stage.
    5. All the lights are pretty dang purty. The Stage looks fantastic and everything is easier to see compared with the remote.