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    The world as reached levels of insanity I never thought were possible, at this point these cases of terrorism are becoming a daily thing.Is quite frightening I have to admit(which is the sole propose of terrorism...).

    I don't know if you guys ever visited Israel(im sure there some kemper users from that country here), but I believe the future of Europe resides in having a constant presence of the army on the streets just like Israel.

    There's no security at this moment in Europe, at any time any place a vile terrorist attack can happen.The police can't simply prevent all the attacks given how unpredictable they are.

    Some of the perpetuators of these attacks never had contact with daesh, they simply are inspired by their sick and twisted ideals.How can something so unpredictable like that can be prevented? it's almost impossible at the present day.

    My prays are with the victims and their families, it's a really sad and depressing world we are living.

    In general I think the effects are pretty good/decent, great modulations, and pitch effects(really good imo).

    There are 3 areas I think it should improve.

    The dirt pedals are the weakest link in my opinion, the Ts pedal and clean boost are good but other than that I think the rest is pretty mediocre.

    Delays are being improved(so pretty soon they will be out of this equation), and reverbs are missing spring, plates,shimmer and other types(modulated reverb would be cool).

    I have the same issue. It's been happening since I updated to 1.5.41 on Mac OS X 10.11.4. The quick fix is unplugging the USB from the Mac and moving it to a new port. If you unplug the USB from the current port and plug it in to the same port, doesn't work. As soon as you move it to a new port, my profiler appears in the rig manager. I tried restarting the computer and that worked once. I tend to just put the computer to sleep and turn off the Kemper.

    In earlier versions, as soon as the Kemper would boot up, it'd show in the Rig Manager. I've had to, for quite some time (not sure which version caused the change) launch the Kemper and then quit out the Rig Manager and relaunch if I'm just waking my computer from sleep.

    If you have 1.5.40 install it as temporary fix.

    John Shur has made several posts in TGP that indicate that he owns a kemper and he likes it, given the fact the man builds some high quality amps(and guitars) is aproval of the unit is really an high praise.

    I believe convolution reverb is a resource hog,can't see that happening in the Kemper .

    Bare in mind when your using Guitar Rig 5(full disclosure, i don't have any experience with this program)or other programs(Logic comes to mind) that have the ability to use convolution reverbs your using full fledge computers.

    I have no doubts we will have great reverbs in the future, but my guess is that will be trough great algorithms.

    Why do you need an Axe FX to make a good acoustic profile?

    Given the quality of the profile im talking i asume the unit is very capable of producing acosutic simulations.
    The profile i use is a few years old, so i suposse some people around here could probably make a better new one.

    Iv'e played all the free acoustic profiles on the rig exchange (and some comercial), and the axe fx acoustic profile is still the only one i use.

    I have a profile called TDR acoustic sim, it's better than anything iv'e heard in terms of acoustic simulation profiles(better than free or comercial profiles).

    I don't remember precisely the name of the person from where I got it(i got it a few years ago), but from what i can remember i got it from the gear page from an Axe fx user who at the time had a borrowed Kemper and made some profiles of his axe fx presets.

    I know this because i remember that the fellow who made those profiles was dissing hard the Kemper at that time(that's the gear page for you!).

    Still while most of his profiles weren't that good(imo), there was that little gem called TDR Acoustic profile.I suppose if you search on google you might find the profile.

    Given the nature of the Kemper profiler I don't think there's a need for an acoustic simulator, what you need Is a great acoustic profile.

    There's some regular users around here now who have Axe Fx units, I'm sure they would be able to make some acoustic profiles.

    Yup, mine comes with the Honduras mahogany neck.
    The guitar is amazing and ,I got it for a great price because I bought it used.

    The premium stuff from Tokai is amazing.