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    So no real facts other then users comments. Well then we are back to agreeing to disagree.

    Alot find Matrix is more flat them Atomic, and alot the other way. Bottom line is that both are amazing products with very litle, if any, audiable difference.

    Anyways, as I said earlier, alot of good options, and I am not trying to tell you what you should like more then others aswell.

    Some "experts" find that a Ferrari drives more agressive then a Lamboghini, and some "experts" find it the other way around.

    Bottom line is that both are amazing cars that would make 99,99% more then happy.

    Well, while personal taste is personal taste, and one may want a less accurate but (to them) more appealing tone, nothing beats the CLRs for what they're designed to be: a linear, phase-coherent, transparent loudspeaker device. You're are expected to spend three times the price for... beating them.
    As for the rest, it depends on what you're after :)

    I guess we can agree to disagree then :) A lot of choises = Good.

    Nothing beats Matrix IMO. CLR and RCF gets very close though.

    But they are expensive.

    I also read alot of positive about Alto. Should be very good for the price. I would go to a shop to try out as many as possible before you buy. Even if it would take you a day, it would deff be worth it.

    Only you will know what is good to your ears. Make sure you get a 30 day money back guarantie, no matter what you buy. Alot can sound different when other instruments blend in.

    I think this depends on how you want to read it. I read it as " it dosnt matter if he is right or wrong in Jay Mitchells mind as long as the product keeps improving".

    In my mind there is really no ism at all in that, allthough I have to agree that the fanboyism is there. But also here on this forum in the exact same way. Notice how many that will jump the wagon if someone dare to disagree with certain ppl here aswell. The "Scott Peterson" are on all Forums.

    When people spend the kind of money on gear as we do, it is very natural to stand up and deffend your purchace to justify it.

    To "mullassiff" - If you will click on the link I posted and actually read what I typed there, you will see that the procedure necessitates "using your ears," only in a way that will ensure you make the best choice.

    I really dont care about your " scientific self righteous testings"

    I trust my ears. Period.

    No link or comment or whatever you have to try and justify your product will change that.

    If you want to evaluate loudspeakers for use with a modeler (or "profiler"), and you truly believe your modeler is capable of producing the sounds you want, you need to use a methodical approach to identify the best loudspeaker for your purpose. Here is a link to such a methodology that I posted several years ago:…e35389c86ab0&mforum=axefx . (fifth post form the top) I posted this well before I had any interest in the loudspeaker choices made by modeler users. Like all well-founded practices, it is just as valid now as it ever was.

    So I guess the " Use your ears and see what you like best " is a bad way to select gear.

    Well... I'm gonna keep doing just that no matter what who say...

    Man, what's your problem? Seriously :thumbdown: I have never tried an Atomic CLR and can't say anything about it and to me it feels like the same applies for you. You haven't contributed any valuable input here. You just came around bashing stuff and that's about it so I suggest you calm down and either give us some insight why you think this product is so bad or just get lost.

    Where did I ever say that Atomic was bad? Where did I ever bash Atomic?

    Yes I have tried the CLR. And the newest from Xitone and Matrix.

    And if you would believe the prof sound guys I tried them with, there is no noticable difference at all.

    All 3 are exellent speakers. And way ahead of anything ells in their pricerange and a good bit above.

    But posting a "Rewiev" based on comparing it with a 2nd grade speaker is simply to low.

    The only reason Atomic is so hyped is because they pay off people to write rewievs like this, and the 2 others dont I guess.

    That is what I have a problem with.

    Yep, if anyone would speak the truth of course it would be the manufactor.
    He would have no reason at all to say otherwise.
    He would have no reason at all to withhold stuff that could hurt the reputation of his product.....

    Well if I have to believe that he didn't get a discount, and is writing this add just for nothing, well then I guess the moon landing was a hoax yes.

    But just to be clear, I dont believe in any of those statements.

    This thread and this review is not an add.
    I have no affiliation with Atomic Amps, I was not paid to this review, and I paid full price with my own money for my three CLRs.

    This review is me sharing my honest enthusiasm for something very rare - a product that actually delivers what it promises.

    If this should have been anything but an add it should have been compared with something worthy. Like Matrix or Xitone.

    Anything ells is like Reviewing a Dodge Viper, comparing it to a Ford Fiesta.

    You got a good deal on a good set of Speakers, if you would do a bit of Advertising.

    Fair enough, I would prob do the same. And so did Scott Peterson and others on Fractal Forum.

    But saying that you did this fot your blue eyes, is simply ... well

    I'm sorry but I just dont buy it.