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    I understand your policy on supporting your country by buying products made there, even if it overwhelms sound quality and makes you biased. No problem with that.

    Actually that is incorrect.

    I originally bought the Kemper and later bought the Axe. So there was no bias involved since I bought the Kemper first, not the Axe FX made in the US. So no regional bias in my purchase.

    Additionally I am making my decision to sell the Kemper and keep the Axe effects since I prefer the sounds of the Axe FX. So my preference to the Axe FX sound quality over the Kemper is why I am selling the Kemper , not the fact that its made in Germany. Again no regional bias here either. I just feel the Axes sound quality is better for me. ; )

    This may appear as a "smart move" at the first look but just imagine you are one of these many,many,many guitar players who have spent 3 grands on their AXE-FX II XL+ and tge super expensive MFC-1...and just found out that they dont need "dual-amps" & "dual-cabs".

    Would you not be pissed;I know I would..

    Anyway.My guess is that there will be many AXE-FX II on ebay in the next months.The is a fine line between "smart move" and "shoot your own feet" while trying to kill your competitors.

    Wrong. I have the AxeFX 2 system. I have no need for the AX8. I will not be selling my system (though seriously considering selling my Kemper) . I harbor no bad feeling about this products release. Unfortunately your supposition is pretty much wrong on all accounts in my case. ; )

    News from the Axe FX world...AND sound clips not available in OTHER post :P:D…rev-1-00-public-beta.html…shootout.html#post1241850

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    Sigh... theres always one belligerent, condescending egotist at every site. Its a shame Kemper never figured out how to get the BLOCK function to work.

    Not that´s a new question, but i´m surprised that the company have not been able to launch an editor by now and that in my opinion should have been mandatory from the start, is there any progress in this area, anyone?

    I agree. Axe Edit has really spoiled me.

    Classy post from Line 6 devs....

    CipherHost, on 13 Jun 2015 - 5:47 PM, said:
    When you say "It's still ALL about the code.", can I infer that the Line6 gurus were able to do more with less?

    Yes, we've been experts at doing more with less for twenty years. Now with Helix, we can do MUCH more with... more.

    Fractal and Kemper make awesome boxes; you'll never hear me disparaging them, and not just for political reasons. A bunch of us at Line 6 own studios full of competitors' gear, and a couple of us plan on using Helix and AxeFX together. And Strymon. And Eventide. And Lexicon. And Moog.

    Besides, we're more interested in comparing HX amp models with the original amps.

    Even using just studio profiles I haven't really found anything detrimental about upgrading to 3.0. It took me years to get off of Snow Leopard, but that was mainly because ProTools 9 didn't work well with Lion in the beginning and I didn't want to have to upgrade PT, etc. I'm finally on Lion now, ha, just in time for Mavericks or whatever the newest is. I'm not sure what the benefit of staying on 2.7 or 2.8 firmware would be sonically.

    Honestly, Ive reached a point in the development of the Kemper that I feel comfortable sticking at. I will never use the foot controller or anything other then the studio profiles. And with 3000 of them, I feel no need to purchase anymore. I know as a computer owner and as someone that used high tech software/hardware for my profession (video editor) there is a drive to stay current with software. But in this case it seems appropriate to work with what I have. My Mac stays at 10.8.5 for software compatibility reasons and my PC stays on Win 7 for the same. It may sound like heresy, but there are some situations where it makes sense to me to freeze the tech upgrading reflex ; )

    I might consider upgrading if Kemper adds a feature that I would really like to use. At this point, that is not the case.

    Michael, Ive been a long time customer who really loves your profiles. Unfortunately since your new stuff requires 3.0 I wont be purchasing anymore. To bad there isnt an alternative for those of use that dont wish to upgrade (although I do understand how this could complicate yout life). However I do wish you continued success with your wonderful stuff!

    My god fanboys...calm down. Theres no need to get overly concerned OR "hysterical" whenever someone who owns a Kemper decides to sell it.

    No, they arent possessed by evil spirits or are crazed trollers out to undermine all Kemper owners in the world. No, you dont need to convene an online intervention to talk them out of doing such a rash thing.

    Is it that difficult to understand that for a variety of reasons the Kemper may not work out for some folks?

    Relax. They arent going to take YOURs away. They just dont want theirs.