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    Thanks for the update. I have had this issue creep up again, but with no real regularity other than it happening occasionally when I pull up a performance from Rig Manager. I will try your fix.

    Wow. That's a bummer.

    I have also had my Kemper since 2014. I kind of entertained the idea of trying a QC a Couple years ago before I purchased a Stage. Bottom line, I just don't have the time to mess with a new platform. Kemper tones always deliver, and I have grown into my present role with it.

    My best guess is that Rig manager via whatever computer is causing some of these issues.

    These days, my stage stays on the platform at church. My head sets at my desk where I use it along with Rig Manager to build and manage my performances. Nice to be able to grab knobs, especially when RM acts up. I am surprised with what you have experienced. Feel bad for you, sure hope I don't have that happen with my units.

    I did a factory reset on my toaster this morning. Also changed my usb cable. Right away spillover working with the factory loaded profiles.

    Loaded some of my profiles and all is good so far. I was having other issues with rig manager not related and so far much better.

    Before I did the reset, I forgot to check the routing of the DLY and REV modules as Burkhardt suggested, so that is a possibility that it was fixed when reset.

    Whatever it was, at least spillover is working now!

    Thanks for the feedback. Sorry to hear you are having the same issue.

    I wouldn't think it's a processor issue. I'm thinking a bug issue. Spillover isn't working on profiles that shouldn't even come close to pushing the power or speed.

    I'm thinking more it being my 2014 Mac, USB cable, or Rig manager the things that I need to rule out for causing the issue first.

    I use a lot of Tone Junkie presets also

    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes any delay and or reverb are not spilling over in my performances in those delay and reverb slots.

    What you are saying makes sense. What's happening doesn't add up. I will try to do some more trouble shooting, hopefully by this weekend.

    In the meantime, I'm still a very satisfied Kemper user. I get many high compliments all the time on my tone. No one really hears my issue in the mix.

    Check to see if the pre post settings within the delay and reverb blocks, (also remembering that only those two effect blocks allow spillover.) Not at my KpA at moment but one of the other, pre or post settings, allows spillover the other by nature doesn’t.

    Thanks for the suggestion. Doesn't effect my profiles either way.

    Had some time for troubleshooting today. I found if I build a performance from scratch, spillover works perfectly. If I use presets for my effects while setting up a performance, I start getting the issue of no spillover. So it seems there is an issue with my presets.

    I wonder if save my rigs, then wipe my rig manager, and start over?

    Don't know, but it seems my presets are affected for some reason, also any rigs with presets used for effects are the same. Maybe someone here has had a similar experience?

    Rig spillover not working. Spillover off is disabled. Only when switching from slot 2 to slot 1 in performance mode does spillover work. When spillover off is activated, there is no change. Even switching from slot 2 to slot 1 there is still spillover. Same behavior on my Head and Stage. ?(

    I had one of the early production Stages and seen here that there were switch issues that Kemper quickly dealt with and fixed. So, I'm here recently with my 2 1/2 year old stage, and switch number 2 starts to fail. Opened a ticket and quickly received a shipping label, and off she went to repair at Kemper Americas. Nice actually, since it is located in my home state of Colorado.

    I received a message today stating that they are waiting on parts from Germany to do the repair. So Instead of making me wait, they are sending me a brand new Stage. Wow! I'm floored. Great Company!

    HW is a great (!) guitarist, but you can tell he's a bit of a douche. $300 or something to join his "lounge."

    90% of my Kemper knowledge is thanks to his videos. His understanding of the Kemper & getting great tones is truly impressive.

    I didn't know about his lounge. I don't have an issue with him promoting his brand. I have even purchased some of his profiles just because I have received a lot of good info from him.

    I think the Wifey would want to string me up if I joined his lounge, lol

    Not sure where I saw 8200, sorry about that. 1500 is still some time spent. Just because I watch a video once in a while doesn't in no way mean I spend all my time doing it. We all have our own methods for learning. I ask very few questions and tend to read and observe. Point is this; why are we being so critical of each other and exaggerating our criticism?

    You guys must have a lot of spare time to watch videos.

    Says the guy with 8200 posts on an internet forum. Lol

    Seriously, I don't have very many guitarist friends, and none who use a Kemper or who have a vast knowledge of these things.

    I enjoy both these guys. I wouldn't say that I waste time listening to them.

    Most of the time I don't make it all the way through an HW video, but I have learned a ton from him and use some of it every time I turn on my Kemper.

    (1500 posts, not 8200)

    I have seen the thread here about that and definitely a great option for this custom setup. However, having bought a second Kemper "Stage" and a Gretsch Broacster the year before, I have to lay low with my wife for a while lol.

    Using a BAM 200 with it in my studio for now.

    Another reason I may stay with an external is that I have a 2x12 cab that may get loaded with Kones if the need arises.

    Had my 2010 reactor up for sale locally for 250 dollars. No hits in nearly 2 years, so....

    I have always really liked the quality of the cabinet itself, so I thought what if I were to put a Kemper Kone in it?... Hmmmn

    A couple issues with that; 1. power amp is rated for 8ohms not 4. 2. There's a bass reflex port and a tweeter that are not needed.

    3. This thing is heavy!

    My solution was to pull the power amp and components, also the tweeter and bass reflex tube. This left me with 3 holes to fill. Quarter inch plywood was the fix along with an input jack where the power amp used to be. Dropped in the Kone... Done!..., Well, except for an external power source.

    Sounds great! The power amp was really heavy. The cab is a bit oversized, but looks great and serves as a great monitor wedge or backline amp solution!:)

    I just ordered a stage yesterday. Already have had my toaster for 7 years, but I never did get a remote. A few years ago, Kemper did not have any remotes in stock for months. Impatiently, and going a cheaper route I bought a BJ Devices controller. It's a nice unit especially for the money, but not near the full compatibility of the remote. So, since the Stage came out, I have been determined to get it... Just not necessarily really needed, so I waited.

    I have been curious about the QC recently, and even considered getting it instead, but every time I play my Kemper (home and live), I'm never disappointed . The tone and the feel never disappoints . Then some of these views and opinions have come up in the past week that really confirm what I'm thinking. After 7 years I'm just too comfortable with the Kemper overall and its probably going to be around until I'm too old to play. lol

    It would be great to give all these new products a spin. Personally, I don't have the time or money to spend on such ventures.

    I also have never owned or played most of the stuff that my Kemper profiles and models.

    I am planning on adding a Kemper stage for playing out and keeping my 8 year old toaster on the desk.

    I find the QC intriguing just as I once found the Kemper intriguing. I pulled the trigger based on information from many sources including this forum.

    All said, I'm still getting the stage, but I'm curious what people think of the QC. I won't be buying both.

    When TJ gets long winded or gets into overhype, I just quit watching. No need to complain about it. Sometimes he appeals to my guitar nerdery, and I've learned some things a long the way.

    I do wish he would share more thoughts on Kemper vs QC, but I understand that is a slippery slope. He intends to market for QC obviously.

    Sold my Sonic Maximizer after getting a Kemper because I never needed it. Definitely a solution inside the Kemper for the desired effect of the Maximizer. I would try Coldfrixion’s advice.