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    Got 3 of Matt's packs about 18 hours ago ..... bought last night before bed and set up in the last 2 hours or so.

    Never previously used or bought anything of his.

    Got all my reference recordings and set ups of my KPA 3 x official LP Packs and the T-Dill Pack.

    Nano review.

    => the 3 x Official KPA LP Packs -are- brilliant

    => the T-Dill Pack is in my opinion a touch better than the 3 x official Packs

    I got the MattFig LP AC30, LP Marshall JTM and LP Dirty Shirley

    in short ... these are in a league of their own.

    They have a clarity and openness and detail that is just simply next level.

    I am using the DI Profiles with my favourite IR and it is just stunning. The Studio Profiles -are equally as good- I just prefer the sound of my own preferred IR.

    Major tip ... if you want to use LP's with your preferred favourite IR I strongly recommend you invest in properly done DI LP's .. why ?

    Yes .... you -can- use a Studio Profile and replace the baked-in Cab with your IR and it is OK ... but as good as the KPA Cab separation algorithm is ... whenever I have replaced a Studio Baked in Cab with an IR ... there is always this annoying low-mid-range notch-frequency where the Amp and IR just "clash" and don't "quite combine properly".

    No such issue when using a DI LP that is done properly with the real speaker still connected to the Amp.

    If you like the LP Amps he has, I cannot strongly enough recommend trying his packs ...... I cant possibly imagine being disappointed either with the full Studio LP's or the DI LP's included if you have a favourite IR.

    Great work Matt !!!



    Hey Matt !

    My apologies if I have asked this before :)

    In all your Liquid Profile Packs are there:-

    => both Studio -and- DI versions of every profile (?) ie:- so if there are, say, 8 Studio Profiles there will also be 8 of the same D.I profiles (?)

    => with the D.I Profiles, are these all done with a real speaker connected to the Amp to get the real impedance impact on the D.I amp Profile -or- are they all done via a Load Box (?)

    Many thanks,


    Hey all !

    Just looking.

    Are there any known / reputable Liquid Profile Makers-Sellers who are offering D.I Liquid Profile versions of their Amps done properly with a real speaker connected to the Amp when they make the profile - **not** using load boxes (?)



    Hey all !

    I know we got the Player and are getting some new "efx" ........ -BUT- ........ Liquid Profiling was touted as the next frontier of "authenticity" ... which I actually agree with.

    But since August '23 ....... 6+ months ago ..... we have seen zero new modelled "Amp Channels" for providers / makers to produce and make available new Liquid Profile Packs.

    So far ... we have 21 x different Amps ... we have:-

    => 11 x Fenders

    => 3 x Marshalls

    => 2 x Vox

    => 1 x JC 120

    => 1 x Freidman

    => 1 x Orange

    => 1 x Dual Rec

    => 1 x Soldano

    For something that was/is so momentous and future proofing the product and keeping it at the forefront, it really seems like the move to Liquid Profiling has pretty much hit a wall (?)

    Anyone else see it this way (?)


    *** FIXED *** ...... dont know how or why but my Output Configurations got messed up !?!? ..... all good now :)



    Thanks again :)

    Now *this* is weird !?!?!?

    All I did was change the Location to Output ..... and all of a sudden my Delay in Slot 7 and Reverb in Slot 8 have *stopped* working !?!?

    My EFX in slots 1,2, 3, 4 and 6 inclusive all still work fine.

    If I move either the Delay or Reverb then to my Empty Slot 5 .... they each *do* work ? .... then when I move them back to Slot 7 and Slot 8 ... they stop working ??

    Any thoughts ?

    I've never come across this before ?


    Cool. Thanks ! :)

    Just to clarify .... I'm a bit slow on these things sometimes :)

    => in my user-case ..... all I want to do is use the Rig Volume as the Overall Pre-set Volume without affecting anything in the pre-set signal chain ... as such I *should* set it to " Output "  (?)


    Hey all !

    Please see and click on the attached " Rig " Parameters Picture Menu below:-

    Can someone please explain:-

    1 => what does " Off / Input / Pre-Stack / Post-Stack / Output " mean / do (?)

    2 => do any of these 5 settings affect the Guitar Input Gain or Guitar Input Signal or Guitar Input Tone ?

    3 => am I right (?) in assuming that if I want to use the " Rig Volume " as the Overall Total Level for the Pre-set that it should be set to " Output " (?)

    Many thanks,


    I have been making some liquid profiles, just not enough for a full pack just yet. It's a different animal and while it is really cool when the tone stack models match the amp, it can also be a bit of a moving target if they don't match. For instance, a Matchless is similar to a Vox but it doesn't sound truly accurate with the Vox tone stack. And sometimes profiling at the recommended settings returns a profile with really low definition and it doesn't "sound" just like I think it sounds at the eq settings I prefer. So it's super awesome when they turn out but can also sound a little iffy depending on the amp. That being said, it's just another tone-shaping tool to me. I think it works great on some amps and on others I really miss the midrange from the generic eq. So I just pick and choose what sounds best. It will be coming soon, though... It's just been a busy year of touring so I've been gone a lot.

    Great to hear :)

    Hopefully (?) Kemper will *very soon* release new Amp Channels for other Amps and things like the Matchless, Trainwreck, Morgan's, D/Shirley, Pink Taco etc...... (?)


    Hi KPA team, Advanced amp controls (clarity, bias…) or advanced cab controls are not tweakable in the Player. However if I import my rigs made in my toaster with tweaked bias tube shape and clarity, are these parameters translated when played in the Player ? The same with cab character ?


    only pure cab

    Hmnmm ... just to clarify and get some total accuracy

    Below are 2 pics .....

    => the Amp Block Controls from my Stage [with the Morphing pedal blanked out]

    => the Cab Block Controls from my Stage

    Can you please list or show what is missing from the Amp and Cab Blocks in the Player (?)

    Stage Amp Block => Click on Image for it to Open Fully

    Stage Cab Block => Click on Image for it to Open Fully

    Hi KPA team, Advanced amp controls (clarity, bias…) or advanced cab controls are not tweakable in the Player. However if I import my rigs made in my toaster with tweaked bias tube shape and clarity, are these parameters translated when played in the Player ? The same with cab character ?


    I *knew* about the removal of the Deep Amp Parameters ...... so what's actually adjustable in the Cab Block in the Player (?) as compared to the "full" Kemper (?)


    No. Availability of parameters stops after "Definition". I believe everything gets translated from the profiles transferred from the bigger brothers though.

    Thinking hard about getting down to just a gig bag and leave the toaster home for recording. I think I can get all the sounds I need for my regular gigs from it. Did you get your’s direct?

    Very sadly ..... I suspect that will be a "paid feature" update some time down the road :(

    Don't know yet if the Cab block even has Pure Cab and Character enabled ---- or does it even have High Shfit / Low Shift or Hi / Lo EQ enabled (?)