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    Anyone else besides me still experiencing weird phase issues after the beta has been elevated to a real update? I tried the DT presets and they all have this weird phase sound to it. I’m not really seeing this as being usable in a recording situation. Unless you go for this type of phasing character of course. I just updated yesterday. Wanted to wait for the real update, so I didn’t try the beta.

    Yes, I have still (after update to newest official OS) problems with the DT, as I wrote here:

    Problem with Double Tracker

    I'm not sure what I am hearing is a bug. It's works the same way as the TCE Mimiq and Chromatic Delay DT with respect to volume differences from one channel to another.

    I would like to see the addition of output level controls within the preset so it only works when the DT is on, and you go back to your normal global output levels when OFF. You only need +/- zero-6db values.

    There are volume differences between the 2 channels (left side is louder) and there are drop outs (very very short, and only to hear with headphones).

    Bei mir funktioniert er, aber auch weil ich bestimmte Dinge damit einfach nicht mache :) Neulich hab ich seit ewiger Zeit mal wieder versucht damit Performances zu bauen und das war gelinde gesagt eine Katastrophe. Wobei bestimmte Funktionen zum Bearbeiten von Performances (move, copy) bei mir direkt am Kemper auch gerne mal richtig schief gehen.

    Ich hatte ein ähnliches Problem mit meinem Kemper Rack und dem Remote. Anfangs hab ich auch auf das Kabel getippt, was auch so halb stimmt. Bei längeren Kabeln (z.B. dem Original Kabel was bei meiner Remote dabei war) kriegt er es einfach nicht hin die Stromversorgung aufrecht zu erhalten. Die Kabel hab ich mehrfach gecheckt, die funktionieren, sie funktionieren z.B. auch an meinem 2013er Toaster ohne Probleme. Ich hab ein weiteres "Original" Kabel versucht und ein hochwertiges langes Kabel, bei allen das selbe Problem. Ein einfaches kurzes Kabel funktioniert problemlos und stabil, ist natürlich für die Bühne nicht möglich. Also hab ich mir einen PoE Injektor eingebaut und damit funktionieren jetzt alle Kabel problemlos.

    Na ja, für das Geld, was man ausgibt, kann es aber nicht sein, dass man sich selbst noch was bauen muss, damit die Remote funktioniert.

    I have the following problem:

    During playing with Double Tracker activated, the signal of the right channel gets lost (or a little bit quieter) for some milliseconds and is back at once.
    I realized that by using headphones (connected directly at the Kemper) with my Kemper head and my Kemper stage. (OS ist the newest)

    It's hard to hear, but the drop outs are there (not easy to realize) and only at one channel (right side).

    Does anybody else have this problem?

    Moin, ich hatte inzwischen ein super Gespräch mit einem Kemper Supporter. Er hat mir den selben Tipp gegeben. Ich habe das Original Kabel eines bekannten getestet und an zwei Abenden keinen Aussetzer. Ich werde mal noch ein paar mal testen um sicherzugehen. Thomann hat inzwischen auch einen Tausch angeboten. Die haben allerdings im Moment nix da zum tauschen.

    Interessant war aber auch die Aussage vom Support zum Rig Manager. Sagen wir mal so, im Moment ist Kemper damit nicht glücklich. Arbeiten aber an einer Lösung……

    Ich glaube, dass es auch Nutzer gibt, die mit dem RigManager nicht glücklich sind. Und das seit vielen Jahren.
    Es gibt bestimmt auch Nutzer, die haben damit keine Probleme. Es gibt aber auch andere.

    Nach jahrelanger Nutzung der Kemper Geräte habe ich eins gelernt:
    Finger weg vom RigManager.
    Das Teil zerschießt die Performances, bringt den Kemper zum Absturz,...!
    Deshalb nutze ich die Software überhaupt nicht mehr.

    What is the Volume of the SPDIF Output?

    Hi Alan,

    Thanks a lot! :)

    I agree - adjusting the gain when the original sound has a chorus effect is like walking through the fog… But you need to do the first step. So I start with the gain somewhere where the sound feels OK. Then add the chorus and readjust the gain. You always have to readjust some parameters when you turn effects on. It´s always back and forth. So don´t spend too much time with the first gain setting. Take a starting point and come back if necessary.

    Many thanks for your work!

    And as we say in Germany: "All good thinks are three",

    a third Legends Pack would be really welcome.


    I don't know, why it doesn't work for you, but I know, why it doesn't work for me:
    I'm not able to profile. I just don't know how to do it well.
    So my solution for me:
    I use profiles of other guys, who know how to profile.
    And that's how I do it since 2015.
    Maybe that also works for you?

    Usually, yes, because the signal at the beginning of the chain is cleaner, making it easier for the pitch shifter to detect its pitch. However, as far as I can tell, the Kemper always detects the pitch from the clean input signal, regardless of where in the chain the pitch shifter is placed. And if you want to create a "two guitars playing in harmony" effect, for instance, it's better to double the signal after it's been through the amp's overdrive, so it sounds like two independent guitars and amps, than to double up the notes and send them through the same amp together.


    So the job of the pitch shift in the mentioned rig (Steve Stevens) is to double the guitar (or let it sound "fatter")?

    So I've spent hundreds of hours playing tons of different profiles, changing settings, trying fx, everything on the kemper ect... Trying to dial in the best tone I possibly can, to be fair some of which I do enjoy. However I tried out the demo for the Tim Henson Neural DSP and it just instantly blew any tone I've ever heard from the Kemper out of the water. I just can't help but feel like the Kemper requires way too much time and attention and not to mention luck to just find a good sounding profile out of the box, hell even WITH spending hours to make it sound better. The Neural DSP was instantly amazing by default, didn't have to mess with anything and that's honestly how I feel it should be. Somebody convince me why I shouldn't sell my Kemper to buy the DSP, I could even probably buy a new guitar with the money which would be nice.

    Sorry, but am I the only one that has the impression, that guys like him are not really Kemper user but (maybe payed by a competitor) user of other gear, who just want to make trouble?

    Could you make sure that we can configure on the buttons that we do not use on the remote or on an external switch, a PANIC function assignable via "Button Assignment"

    This PANIC option would be used to urgently recall a performance # of our choice

    It really is a software solution that would save a panic from sound on stage, or we could just call up a standard performnce of our choice.

    I don't understand the need of this.

    It would be nice if you could explain, in which situation you need this.