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    The manual is correct. There is no KEMPER download page, where you could just download an unzipped bin-file. All update packages are zip-files including manuals and documentation beside the kaos.bin.

    when I'm wrong I'm wrong :) I misread the text file in that folder and yes you are right

    I can see his point, it got me too. Kemper manual says once you download the operative system unzip it first and then import it to Kemper but actually when downloaded it is already unzipped to .bin so there's no need to do that ...their mistake on creating confusion imho

    hi guys a quick record of the sweet child intro ,I just added a delay to the slash 04 velvet present in the slash pack

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    FarleyUK MPescuma I think it’s a lot about what guitar or pickup someone use . The caswell on my guitar have a weird reverb and the guitar sound a bit like muted (dunno how to explain it) with these new pack it bite like slash tones.Has to be a guitar-pick up thing

    ok .... I've been looking for a decent slash profiler for years with no luck what so ever then yesterday I purchased this Pack and let me tell you this is by far the most f***ing amazing thing I' ve ever tried on my Kemper !! thank you Top Jimi this is the best xmas gift I could expect to receive this year!!

    (ps: try the tj slash 04 velvet with sweet child o mine ....absolutely amazing )

    Sollazzon I have the Caswell as well , I ll be honest I didn't personally love that but this one for me is a whole new game , I d give it a go if I was you

    Hi everyone and thanks for the wha settings!
    I wasn’t happy with any of the wha at all and I couldn’t figure out why , mo matter how I changed the parameters the wah were sounding too fake and to sensible to any pedal movements , I knew I was doing something wrong. today I found out where the problem was , In the system module page 6/8 I had set pedal type 1 instead of type 2 (I don’t even know what it is or what it means but well now it works and I’m so happy with the outcome).

    Hope this will help someone else with my same problem.

    @nottoohigh thanks for the answer , I’m sure point 2 is what I do in my kemper so I need to check if point 1 is correct , after work in the afternoon I’ll check that out

    @audiomitch when I record the dry track initially doesn’t have the input in kemper to be “front input” and only later when reamping be changed into “spdif input reamp?”
    In logic the input is set to 5 which is the spdif dry signal , I can record no problem through spdif, my problem is the signal doesn’t go back to the kemper for some reason

    Hi @mikegrahamguitar could you please tell us what were you doing wrong in your daw ? I’m having the same exact problem u had but can’t fix it .
    I run Logic Pro x as well , when I change the output from stereo to 4/5 (which are the spdif on my interface) and change the input to spdif input reamp in my kemper I have no return , no sound at all!

    Hi @Jarrydee total noob here so any help is good! One spdif is going out of my focusrite into my kemper because my understanding is that once you record a dry track in your daw then to reamp the signal has to go back to the kemper ! My problem is that the signal DOESNT go back to the kemper , I just have no input from the focusrite (it’s driving me crazy )

    Ok guys so at the end I found out the problem was my iMac. I’m running Os high Sierra on it (which should be supported by focusrite control) but apparently it’s not ..well at least not on my computer . I tried the focusrite with my MacBook and it’s now working flawless no noise when I use spdif and no disconnections whatsoever.
    Not ideal as I don’t want to use the 6i6 on my MacBook but at least Now I know where the problem was. Thanks for your help everybody

    Hello guys.
    Im trying to reamp with kemper but im not getting the results i want, I ve found a video tutorial (link below) on youtube and Im following it step by step but when it comes to remap im getting no sound.
    ok so

    1)I have a spdif cable out of the kemper into my focusrite 6i6
    another spdif cable out of the focusrite into my kemper

    2)on the kemper: output is set to git/stack and input is set to front input

    3)as in logic pro x the input 5 correspond to my dry track and input 6 to the wet track
    I create a track on input 5(spdif dry) and output stereo , if i play back i can hear the dry signal = grand
    I create another track this time input 6 (spdif wet) , output stereo , if i play back i can hear the wet signal = grand
    i press record , i record wet and dry tracks


    back to the kemper i change input into spdif input reamp

    back to logic i change the first recorded track (the dry track) to output 5-6 (which are my spdif out) and create a new track input 6 (spdif wet) now on the video when the guy press play he get the reamp sound , my new track instead has no inputs whatsoever and so no sound....I think im following it step by step cant understand what am i doing wrong ?(
    can you help me please ?

    this is the video im talking about

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    @db9091 it would be amazing if we could just plug in and play wouldn’t be :D I spend more time trying to make things work than actually playing !!
    Thank you :) Sometimes is not easy to explain things in a different language

    @lightbox thank you for the video ! I realised I may have used a wrong term because I actually have a 2nd generation focusrite which comes with a focusrite control instead of a mix control so it’s different from the one in your video (it’s suppose to be easier but...well not really :D ) I will watch your video and try to apply the same principles to the focusrite control

    I ve updated my OX system to the last out and at least now the focusrite doesn’t disconnect every 2 minutes
    I ve spent a good hour trying to make things work but still nothing honestly , if I set the output as spdif 1/2 in stereo I get the dry and wet signal thogeter , noisy for a second then the noise goes away and sound ok. if I only use spdif output 1 I get only the dry , if I set only spdif output 2 I get the noisy signal with the wet on the background .
    On top of that the I can only hear the sound out of the monitors but when I run logic there’s no input everything is dead , even if I load an mp3 and press play nothing comes out from the monitors..I ve changed all the inputs in logic but nothing happen.
    :S Sorry everybody I feel such a noob (which I am)

    @db9091 yes I may be a bit dramatic sometimes but when you buy a new interface and it stop working after 5 days even your first reaction may be to wona throw it out of the window ! :D

    Anyway ,
    I got to enter the mix control and turn down all volumes before the Scarlett disconnected and I changed some outputs and the noise is now gone. You were right @nakedzen @hjscheffler then was a feedback prob.
    The prob now is to understand how mix control works ,I think I’m better telling you what I have now

    Monitor output , custom mix 1-2
    Line output ,custom mix 3-4
    Spdif output , custom mix 1-2

    Everything is stereo and on the daw playback section is set to 1-2

    Basically in logic even if no input is connected I get the dry sound and when I select input 5 I get the wet sound from the profiler
    When I record I get the dry signal on one side and the wet on the other side so I tried to hard pan , if I pan hard right I only get the dry one but if I pan hard left I get both togheter

    Sorry for all the questions hope u can help

    I disconnected everything and it doesnt switch down ,I cant hear me playing though cuz unless im connected to the mac i cant control the mix control. now im playing some mp3 with the computer connected to the focusrite and disconnected just one or 2 times (not ideal but better then before) the green light on the focusrite stay on all the time so the interface doesnt fisically switch off and on I only lose the connection on my imac.

    Lets say its a driver issue what should I do? this problem started only after trying to reamp never had it before.