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    The CLR is about the only one that I've never had, but it beats hands down any other one. As a reference I had: Blue Amps, L6 PowerCab, DXR-10, EV 12, Mission Engineering 2x12, Laney 2x12 (very impressive, but weight and size are excessive, like a 4x12), HR 108 (this one was so bad!), QSC FR12a, Powered Kabinet, Catalyst 100. The main thing is that it doesn't sounds and feels like a PA speaker, but like an actual amp. Particularly impressive is that it's a closed back speaker, but with the Cab emulation of an open-back one, it really sounds like the back panel dropped off. Same when you use a 4x12, you just can't believe the sound is coming out of this 1x12. I can only recommend at least to try it.

    Thanks for your input, I gotta try the Fender. I can't find one within a reasonable driving distance so I'll have to order one. I'm at the point that this may be my last effort, if it doesn't work for me I'm considering going back old school.

    I got the Kemper rack in 2017 and for four years I ran it into the effects return of a Fender Mustang III, picked a stock rig and just played. I had an EV ZLX12 at the time of purchase and tried it but didn't care for it.

    In the last two years at stores I tried a passive Kabinet and the Headrush units. I ended up purchasing a matching rack and two 112 cabs to load my own speakers in for a stereo setup. So far I've bought and tried the first generation Kones, the Neo Kone, but settled with the Eminence EM12's.

    I'm almost embarrassed to include the other's I've bought in that time frame but here they are nonetheless. Two Yamaha CBR10" passive, a powered Kabinet, a QSC CP8 powered, and last week an ISP Vector FS-8 that the power section shorted out on after four hours of use yesterday, so back it goes.

    By the way, it looks like the hiss can be fixed if a person is willing to open the unit up, remove and solder in a couple of replacement parts. Details are on the Fractal Audio forum, but it would be a little daunting without pictures or maybe a video for reference, at least for me.

    Kellerblues, I was curious how the Fender FR-12 is working out for you after a few weeks? I've seen quite a few people saying it sounds good, but that there's a hiss present and it's loud when playing at lower levels, has this been an issue?

    I hear good things about this model. Very versatile...

    It's the same pickup and switching configuration of an Ibanez I had in the late 1980's when I was playing in bands, which I've really missed.

    Even though I've played a strat style guitar since 1993 the two humbucker configuration is a better fit for me. I've always had to drop the middle pickup way to low because I pick right on top of it.

    I will say that I'm impressed with how well the tapped settings sound compared to my single coil guitars. I'm not sure if prs does the tap a little different, but it does sound good, much better than others I've had or tried at a store.

    NOICE :)

    Don't leave them hanging in the sunlight. At least some years ago (and I don't think it has changed, I could be wrong), the blue colours faded awfully much over time.

    Thanks for the heads up. My music portion of the room gets no direct sunlight even if the curtains and blinds are opened, which has never happened since I live like a vampire🤣

    Should be here in the next day or two. Bought one that was Faded Blue in September but wasn't able to play it for a few weeks because of a self inflicted palm injury.

    Once I had the opportunity to play it, I liked it enough that I decided to sell the three electric guitars I had and get another 24-08. I liked the others, especially the EBMM Cutlass, but I don't do well switching from one neck profile to another, shouldn't be an issue now.

    The filters in the Cabinet Section are part of the rig, it is part of the signal sent to both Main and Monitor Outs.

    "Main Manual 10.2 Page 176/Stack Section

    Cabinet Soft Key

    Low Cut and High Cut filters are now available in the cabinet, in addition to the global Low Cut and High Cut filters in the Output Section. The cabinet versions are stored with every Rig, and will be also be stored as part of any cabinet presets."

    So does it override, work with, Have a steeper curve, or does the most "Cut" win out over the global setting in the output section? There are a few rigs that I would like it adjusted. But with those filters in the output section, I can't. Would I have to lose the settings in the output section and do this per rig? Or per cabinet? Or is this just for the "monitor out" "Cab out" section, and doesn't affect the main outputs? Also, there are High and low cuts in the EQ effects. So, for one of my rigs, there then would be three layers of High and Low cut filters, on the cab, an EQ added in the effects, and the global output. How are these working together when they are stacked? Or Not working together? I don't want to assume even though I think I may know the answer.

    I had a little time so I loaded up the new Beta OS and Rig Manager. It looks to work like Pure Cabinet does, I can't find anything other than whats below in the manual.

    "Main Manual 10.2 Page 176/Stack Section

    Cabinet Soft Key

    Low Cut and High Cut filters are now available in the cabinet, in addition to the global Low Cut and High Cut filters in the Output Section. The cabinet versions are stored with every Rig, and will be also be stored as part of any cabinet presets."

    So with my Global Low & High Cut Filter set at 78.4 & 6505.0 I can load a rig and adjust the filters in the cab section. They don't take affect until they have passed the Global settings. Example, while in the Cabinet Section you can't hear a difference to the rig until the Low Cut is above 78.4, or until the High Cut is below 6505.0 and seems to function just as the Global Filters do. I'm thrilled with this addition, just dropping a soldano rig from 6505.0 to 6350.0 made it perfect, much more so than adjusting the High or Low Shift ever helped, at least for me. Again, Thank You Kemper Team, your awesome!!!

    where are you setting the high and low cuts? in the OUTPUT page? I set those global HI and low cuts to about 7k and 90hz

    Most people are using an effects block with an eq added, it has a low and hi cut. In the latest update it looks like the Kemper team have added the frequently user requested low and hi cut to the cabinet section too. Now we can set them on a per rig basis, thank you Kemper team!!

    I've tried so many different monitors and settled with an Eminence EM12, sounds pretty good but still looses a little something. Been eyeing the Fender, it's really tempting me and you just made it worse 🤣!

    Out of curiosity - how much do you expect the bill to be?

    And sorry if this is too sorta personal. If that is the case, just ignore the question :)

    The ER visit has a $300 co-pay, the ER doctor bills separately and depending on what procedure they do it to can bill separately.

    It's the hospitals demented idea of a Christmas present, until you receive and open the envelope you don't know what your getting. The anticipation doesn't bring excitement but rather anxiety🥴

    Wow. you had to have surgery for that. Fortunately a few shots got rid of mine on my ring, and pinky finger, It was getting worse weekly and my whole hand was cramping up. I imagine this in my future. The joys of aging...

    No, it was just stitches. I usually will flush cuts with alcohol or lacquer thinner when I'm in the shop or on a jobsite and put electrical tape on them, they've always healed just fine.

    This was a ½" deep jagged cut, I couldn't get the bleeding to stop so I figured this time I better let a physician have at it. The electrical tape route is a whole lot cheaper, I'm really not looking forward to the bill on this one.

    My finger is going to look the same way in 3 more weeks after Trigger Finger Release surgery. ;( Maybe we can do a vocal duet. :)

    I'm game! I've considered a career change as a solo artist many times. I figure within a few months I could pack out every comedy club in the states, because when I cut loose singing a song people always die laughing 😅

    Are you doing the tuners?

    I ordered these and they are a direct drop-in, and are awesome. I didn't like the looks of the PRS ones.

    Kluson Locking Tuners

    Yeah, I did the PRS locking tuners, they popped up under the guitars picture when I was placing the order, so I just clicked and added them. I know they work well, at least according to a couple of people I know who have had them.

    I looked at Kluson tuners from your link, those are like the tuners on my Cutlass, and I really like them. I hope I feel the same about the functionality of the PRS style tuners, only time will tell, but I do prefer the look of the Kluson.

    Bought a EBMM Cutlass in 2019, for me it's the nicest and best playing guitar I've owned in 40 years of playing, absolutely love it. Only problem is i don't want to take it out of the house lol!

    My wife helped me pick it out, since that went so well I had her help me pick out a guitar for travel last Friday. I'm having the PRS locking tuners put on, swapping string guages and taking advantage of the free plek service, should be here in 10-12 days.

    Timing works out pretty good though, I pulled a fast one on myself yesterday and the stitches don't come out for 12 days, so playing is out of the picture for a little while. I hate when I do stuff like this🥴

    The Eminence EM12 is working great for me as an alternative. I do use it with the Kone function engaged in the Monitor Output menu and some slight tweaking to the Monitor eq, I do not use the imprints though. It's not an "FRFR" solution, but it does have a more neutral response than a lot of other traditional guitar speakers, and it is rated at 200 watts.

    Definitely mono for me. Probably each panned slightly to opposite sides to create a treble/mid hole for the vocals in the middle.

    Iron Maidens FOH engineer has a newer video that addresses this subject as it applies to them, a very informative and interesting video to watch. His basic setup is pretty much the same as you mentioned, along with the added benefit of some very nice plug ins and outboard gear that most people probably won't have access to in a live situation.

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    I kept the Yamaha CBR10 passive speakers for a week and returned them, I would use them with a pa system in a heartbeat (mains or monitor) but didn't like them with the Kemper and SD Powerstage 700 at all. But reading through my posts it obvious this has been a struggle for me, I've only used one pa speaker that I liked but it is no longer available. If the QSC K series works well for you then I would suggest you stick with what you know, exploration doesn't always yield better results and it can be very time consuming as well as a definite loss of funds.

    From the standpoint of a FOH engineer I can tell you this much, though all can be used with great results, the Yamaha CBR10 speakers are not the same as the DXR series, and the QSC CP8 does not perform like the QSC K8 and I assume the results would be the same throughout the CP series compared to the K series . I've used K8, K10 and K12 in different venues and found that paired with a sub they are very similar, the only time I've seen an advantage of one over the other has been when used outdoors the K12 projects better at distance, and in small to medium venues I do prefer the K8 or K10 for their wider dispersion of the high frequency driver for better coverage. The QSC KW series is a different beast altogether, I used them in an installation project in 2014 and they out perform the K series, I would hate to lug them around though as they weigh a ton.

    Others here can give much better advice than I can when it comes to pa speakers as a monitoring option but if you like the QSC K series I think the K8 would be worth looking into if you could audition them at a local store. They are less money, lighter in weight by 5lbs and a smaller footprint if you are playing in tighter quarters but have the widest dispersion pattern of the k series. I have a friend who's band no longer use a back line and have went direct with their bass and guitar, they and are running their signals through stage monitors with good results. Again, others who use stage monitors can give better advice than me, but I would think it advantageous to place the monitor in front of you.

    As for me, the Eminence EM12 is working out very well since I found a different approach in how I set the monitor out eq. I haven't had the opportunity to play my guitar for over three weeks, so before I replied to your post I sat down and played for about fifteen minutes. Having been away from the Kemper for a while my initial reaction this morning was this, my rig sounds great! But not my playing :D !!

    I wouldn't engage the Kone function with the speakers you listed, it not likely to sound very good. The EM12 that I use is a different type of guitar speaker designed with a relatively flat eq response, the purpose is to let more of the tone of your preferred amp to come through with less coloration from the speaker, and by shear luck the Kone algorithm works well with it as an eq enhancement.

    Your Tech 21 states the Optimal Output Load is 8ohms, I can't find any more information about it, so I would suggest you research further before trying a Kone in it as the Kone is 4ohms.

    With the speakers you mention you should have Monitor Cab Off checked in the output section as stated in the Kemper manual, those speakers are made to provide their own tone in the signal chain.

    Did you stay with real guitar cabs? If so, with one of the newer Celestion models built for digital amps?

    I have a pair of Eminence EM12's and two 1x12 cabs powered by a Seymour Duncan Powerstage 700, I'm happy with the setup. I do use them with the Kone function engaged and tweak the monitor output eq slightly, no imprints though. They get pretty close to the sound coming from studio monitors, at least close enough to me for monitoring.

    Over a two year period I tried several different pa speakers, jbl-qsc-headrush and a few off-name brands both active and passive, an active Kabinet, a passive Kabinet, two of the original Kones and a Neo Kone loaded in my cabs. Only one pair of the passive pa speakers, which I borrowed, sounded really good to me, but are no longer in production.

    If I were you, I would start with a Kone if you already have a 1x12 cabinet, and a class d power amp. Closing off the back seemed to tighten everything up with the Kone and was an improvement with the Eminence EM12 also. Something else that helps, whichever monitor solution you are using, get it a few feet away from you if possible.

    Howard did you like them in an open back cab? Do they hold their own compared to a regular guitar speaker? I know that some of the top commercial profilers prefer regular speakers.


    The difference between open or closed back with the Kone was the same as you could expect from a regular guitar speaker, at least to me. I did try my cabinet next to a passive Kabinet, switching back and forth between them and preferred my cabinet, whether it was open or closed back. As for holding their own, its personal preference as far as the sound goes, but if you need volume they will deliver.

    I really wanted to like the Kone and used them for nine months or so, but to be honest I didn't care for them and went in another direction. My experience with them isn't typical when compared to the majority of Kone users, so take that into account when considering the worth of my opinion about them.