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    I tried the Klon setting for the KD and I had a Rimrock Lik MO in the loop to go back and forth. I'm not much of a Klon fan but I could never get the KD to have low mids that the MO had. Maybe user error on my part. I'm off work tomorrow. I'm going to put my V2 and V3 Timmy pedals in the loop and try to see how close I can dial in the KD. Timmy is my favorite pedal for boosting Marshall amps so I'm hoping the KD gets close.

    Canadian thanks giving was last week so... the American one? ;)

    Yes the American Thanksgiving near the end of November. Kemper Black Friday deals will include the editor on a complimentary USB stick with each purchase. Then 3 days later you can go deer hunting.

    I think the point was that the Kemper aims to replicate the sound of tube amps, many of which have in-built spring reverb tanks which contribute a great deal to the sound. In that sense, not having a spring reverb was a glaring omission. Not having “spacey reverbs” isn’t, as far as the core technology and patent that the Kemper is based on goes.

    I was going to post these very same thoughts so thank you for saving me all that typing. When modeling Fender Reverb amps the ommision of spring reverb was glaring. I've hung out at the effects forums on TGP and the old HC. I'm well aware of how some guitarists cannot live without lush/space/shimmer reverbs. If that's your thing then I would think you already have a pedal (or three) that does those type of reverbs. Hopefully the Kemper reverbs can replace those pedals. Personally (and I use that term to state that it's just my opinion so don't get butthurt if your opinion is different), I waited to buy the Kemper because it was missing Spring Reverb. Once i saw the beta demo i pulled the trigger.

    Spring Reverb was THE most glaring omission from the reverbs on the KPA. Now that it's here I'm personally not all that interested in the other spacey verbs that were demoed. I'd rather have ring mod. It's the one pedal I have to add to my Kemper setup.