Rig Manager 3.0 Editor

  • Canadian thanks giving was last week so... the American one? ;)

    Yes the American Thanksgiving near the end of November. Kemper Black Friday deals will include the editor on a complimentary USB stick with each purchase. Then 3 days later you can go deer hunting.

  • Wait, you're connecting the Kemper to a computer???

    G, I think I just found your problem. :)

    I just felt a strange desire to try and feed my Kemper some ol' modem beeps. Run them through a dirty amp. Then send them through the Ionosphere and the quad tap delay. Would probably turn into something usable!

  • *sad trombone*

    *womp womp*


    Thanks for the update, G String!

    So basically Turkey Day or thereabouts is where I am setting my new expectation baseline. Gravy.... errr... GROOVY!


    Shred 'til yer dead,

    Jeff in Houston

  • Bring back Toast Me compatibility.

    At least I could use that.

    It's not going to happen. You can still use Toast Me with OS7 but the changes in the preset management caused that TME cannot load presets to the Kemper.

    For Stage users there is no other option, but for Rack and Head users OS6 release is completely stable and can be used with ToastMe. Also the only real benefit of OS7 is the new preset management.

    I am in OS6 until the beta of RM 3 is out.

  • Wouldn't you rather have a WTF that was reliable and fully functional?

    Whether I'm doing the tango, the foxtrot or just consuming whiskey, I prefer things to go smoothly. But that's just me. :)

    No, I would rather have something that crashes once in a while and get back to recording.

    I can't see that 1980 calculator screen. Amp sounds better than anything I have ever owned....

    Bought it at the beginning of summer under the impression I would have an editor.

    I had an awesome recording setup now I don't! Lucky for Kemper with a dedicated following and producing an awesome amp.

    Sorry but I don't tell my contractors "I see you're trying real hard, no hurry"

  • G-String, you may see, that keeping folks updated will result in much more understanding and much more patience, than giving almost no info. Folks understand reasons for delays, and really appreciate getting updates. And I am sure that updated folks are much more relaxed than being left with no infos for long times. Just my opinion, and thanks for infos.

  • I, for one, am in no hurry. Would much prefer the upgrade be right the first time, as opposed to serving as "unpaid beta tester" like other companies do.

    I'm not going anywhere, either, as this amp is fantastic even without an editor.

    (please don't let anyone kill me for saying this, but it's true)

  • Genuine question...what will the editor be able to do that we can't currently?

    My studio time = money....and if it makes things easier and speeds up workflow, then lovely...but is that it?

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