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    Are we there yet?

    You know what ELSE everybody likes? An editor! Have you ever met a person, you say, “Let's use an editor,” they say, “Hell no, I don't like no editor”?

    I wonder what can be so fundamentally flawed if this thing needs more than 9 months of development after it was publicly shown in NAMM. You don't let people mess around with an app in such an early stage (no beer pun intended).

    Never the less, it would be a lot easier to tell, that the Editor will be release in 2020 Q1, one week before NAMM just as the reverbs. This thread would be deserted until NAMM2020.

    Yes, I had one. It is quite tricky to set up the cutoff frequency and the levels. Depending on the room it can false you in the low end. I don't think you need it just for the guitars.

    It can be fun rattling cutlery in the far kitchen, but the HS8 has way enough low end.

    Of course if you use an 8 string guitar with F# tuning you may need it. But in that case it's easier to switch to bass :)

    I think, not releasing the rig manager3 with the stage is quite a shot in their own foot. There is a very real possibility, that a lot of people will send back their units, due to the constant bending to the ground get stuff done. Yes, you can put it on a table, but it's really defeats the purpose of the unit.

    Don't get me wrong, I barely use the rig manager right now, and most probably will not use it when 3.0 released, but this product release in it's current form, is leaving me puzzled.

    Communication is really self-contradicting from the Kemper side.

    First they say, there will be no new rig manager, because all the engineers are on holiday.

    Than they drop the stage with 7.0. We all know no major release is without bugs. Who you need to fix bugs?


    Kemper guys, why didn't you postpone the release of the stage until someone is in the office capable of fixing bugs?

    Chill dude. The dual amp with the profiling technology would result in a lot of headaches. Do you know anything about phase linearity? Forget the dual amps, record 2 tracks :) or profile the 2 amps at once. There you have it. TADAAA!

    Kemper (i.e. CK) seems to be in tune the with TOURING musician types, not the average bar band warriors. For a touring musician, the rack/toaster + remote combo is perfect.

    I think this is why they took so long to see the need for a floorboard.

    There is a way higher chance for a bar band to have beer or other beverages spilled on the unit, or it's enough to step into some liquid unnoticed to mess it up pretty bad. I guess aftermarket U bars or plexi protectors will be coming quite soon,

    I would be really interested if this is water or any other proof or how much sturdier this is than a normal profiler. I would not put anything on this price range on the floor to stomp on. This is either bulletproof or useless.