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    Nein, du benötigst kein Internet, du must die geräte per netzwerkkabel mit deinem COMPUTER verbinden und die vor definierte IP adresse im Webbrowser eingeben.
    Dann erscheint ei9ne konfiguratione Webseite bei der du dich einloggen must.
    Die vordefinierte Adresse und das default passwort steht in cder Anleitung.
    Dann konfigurierst du eine Geräte nach dem anderen wie oben beschrieben.
    Erst den Accespoint (Was nichts anderes ist als ein Router ohne Internet) dann den Client der verbindest sich mit dem Accespoint.

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    Sorry Burkard I have to contradict you. The point here is excactly to import a list performance without changing the routing or other system settings.
    Output settings and system settings should NOT be changed. When I play with someone else's device, its system settings are set exactly to the environment of the device by the owner, and that is exactly what should NOT be changed.
    It would be fatal to import your own backup here and overwrite all settings of the owner.

    In my case I had all sleep and screen saver modes turned off but something about how the Mac mini was managing the USB port was causing it to turn off/sleep. I couldn’t find any way to over ride this. Don’t know if it’s related to Yoda’s issue or not but throwing it out there just in case.

    This is not a solution, but at most a temporary workaround.

    If Kemper cannot fix the problem (and it previously worked in older versions), the Kemper will be sold.

    All my other devices work, I have never asked for a USB audio or USB MIDI. A big problem for me is that on the one hand you have to update to the latest version to get support, but the update also brings with it completely new problems for functions that you never asked for.

    So today I double checked a powered USB Hub inbetween the MAC and the KPA.

    Also here, connection get lost when MAC goes down to sleep.

    But the Debug Log looks different, this time the connect hangs means there is no error in the log but also no succes for connect.
    It still do nothing.

    missing this message

    I had the same experience with my MOTU Ultralite MK5 and Mac Mini. After several months of troubleshooting MOTU support we found that the issue only happened when connecting directly to the Mac via USB. If I connected via a powered USB hub everything works perfectly. There seems to be something funny happening with Mac USB not managing sleep properly recently.

    I will repeat this test with a POWERED USB Hub. I tried this with direct connection and unpowered USB Hub. Same result.
    My Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 2nd generation works fine without any issues.

    I don't know how to send the debug log to the dev group, because the Beta Form no longer exists.

    I figured out that some thing went wrong in the

    USB dxd - dynax driver framework

    Special if the MAC ( or PC also) goes to sleep and wake up again, or the the Kemper is started before Rigmanager starts you get a connection error.
    The onlyway to work around is to unplug the USB cable and replug it after some seconds.

    Hereby some snippets from the RM log (debuglog).

    What you see is likely to be Cloudflare-related and should go away sooner rather than later. Our servers are well, not hacked and opening the /betatest URL is also not related.

    Sorry to say that!


    Opening the beta test URL is NOT the problem.

    BUT, fill out the form and try

    to post the message form!!

    It will result in a timeout. When this timeout expires (90 seconds), the website “” will not be accessible until the automatic restart of your web service is initiated.

    What would be the best way to connect the OX stomp with the stage?

    same as you any other modeler device

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    Personally, I don't see any need to use something like this in combination with the KPA or. It just makes everything more complicated.

    Another situation and here too a Performance / Settlist export import could be helpfull.

    If, like me, you play in different cover bands that have completely different setlists, an export/import function would help. Either in the Kemper or in the Rig Manager.

    I have to reassign the performances with the rig manager before every event or rehearsal. Since we have MIDI-controlled program changes for two bands, I sit for up to an hour each time to get everything running again.

    If the data was corrupted, a backup doesn't really help since it includes the corrupted data then.

    my contribution to this,

    I always start the KPA with the Rig button pressed to initiate a content check before saving my KPA.

    This should be a process step that is performed automatically by the backup process. In my opinion, there is no point in saving corrupted data in the backup file.

    For everyone experimenting with beta versions:

    1. The purpose of a public beta is to find and eliminate as many bugs as possible before it is rolled out to a broad customer audience.

    2. If you want to deal with beta versions, you must be well versed in the security measures such as backup and restore and you must accept that bugs are always errors and can lead to the system having to be completely reinstalled. So if you don't really know your way around your Computer Operatingsystem and your Kemper or if you only have one Kemper that you depend on, you should stay away from it.

    3. Anyone who works with beta software should ultimately know how to report errors and what the process looks like.

    Errors should always be logged so that a developer can clearly recreate them. So cell phone video or error log step by step.

    4. And above all, this forum is NOT the right place to report bugs, nor to submit a support ticket, as support primarily deals with stable versions and customer support.

    Kemper has been setting up a beta test portal for years and please use it!

    Link to the Beta Test Portal:

    Homepage | Kemper Amps