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    IMHO the list of LP tone stacks can be endless.
    Maybe there is an option to have something like a compatibility list ?
    Maybe there is an option to tweak a tone stack (frequency response) by customers with an add on app ?

    The tone and gain don't need to be 100% accurate to the original if it is 80 or 90% it would be ok for me.
    A lot of gain/tone - stacks have the nearly same frequency response and/or the same schematics with some other R/C Values.

    That’s basically it. Is there any parameter in the Kemper amp block that would allow for control over the master volume of an amp within a liquid profile? The amp volume just seems to work like a general volume control but I could be wrong.

    Please read the Manual or check out YT
    Liquid Profile has nothing to do with Volumen, it's all about the tonestacvk and the gain.…liquid+profiling+tutorial

    That makes no sense. Why would you use the generic gain on Liquid profiles? It takes away the purpose of Liquid.

    Oh, but it makes a lot of sense!!

    The generic gain is linearly dependent on the position of the expression pedal. The amp gain is not linear. As an amp gain and also parts of the tone stack are derived (modeled) functions of the generic gain, so when you turnup the generic gain you influence the amp gain and also the tone stack.

    If you do it the other way around it would just be a volume expression in front of a fully turned up amp stack.

    True. But why not give us the possibility to turn on the tuner in the Kemper via RM?

    As you may have noticed, RM can only modify parameters that are implemented in the KPA MIDI protocol.
    All system dependend parameters are not implemented in the MIDI Parameter.
    E.g. assigning the the foot switch knobs to the FX slots.

    There are much more MIDI Sysex parameter exists as it is documented in the

    MIDI Parameter Documentation 8.6 but I think this is for internal use only.

    Only because LP is there, nobody forces you to use it for everything. The Profiler still can do all what was always possible. Is the Tonestack of the amp not available? Just profile it at your sweet spot as before, it will not sound any worse.

    As I already wrote, "For me, liquid profiling is pointless" I don't question it in general, but the hype surrounding the whole thing does.

    In my opinion, Kemper has dug itself a very deep rabbit hole with liquid profiling.

    One of the selling points of Kemper Profiling, namely creating profiles of amps that lie outside the main stream, is now absurd. For me, liquid profiling is pointless - mixing modeling with profiling makes me dependent on which ToneStacks exist in the Kemper. So I can stay with a modeler like QC or Fractal.

    Points don't make sense to me...

    I have about 4000 points am marked as a pro.

    deadman42 also has about 4000 points and is marked as Enlightened.

    and Monkey_Man has over 13,000 points as a beginner.

    Does this help anyone ? I think no

    The only temporary fix I have found, is to to restart my iMac, open Rig Manager and then turn on my Profiler. Even then, the connection is intermittent

    May I ask if this is a new iMac with a USB-C port?
    My experience is that the Kemper Amp has issues with USB 3 and USB-C, specifically when the iMac tries to send the USB port into Sleep Mode.
    I would recommend using a simple USB 2.0 hub in between and disabling the hard drive sleep setting in the Energy Saver section of System Preferences.

    I am using Opencore Legacy Patcher on an old 2011 13" MACBOOK PRO with Ventura. Using RM, MainStage and Logic on this old piece of silicon.

    But if so, you sould also deactivate/delete the Attachments BUTTON to prevent users to get confused.

    The Java Script debugger says:

    [WCF.Attachment] Failed to load modules: TypeError: i.__importDefault(...).default is not a constructor <anonymous> Resizer.js:16

    execCb require.js:1222

    r require.js:493

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    It seams to me that this Java Script from WoltLab ( the board vendor ) is outdated.

    The copy right remark in this file says 2001 to 2020 so this is a taken from the old Version of this Messageboard.

    Please Kemper, contact your board vendor to fix this !!

    Danke für den Tio, nein noch nicht. Schaue ich mir mal an. Nur blöde, dass ich jetzt schon 2

    Boxen habe. Ich habe bei Kemper nachgefragt, ob über einen doppeloutputstecker das ebenfalls möglich ist 4 an zu schliessen.

    Aktivboxen kannst du eigentlich so viele anschließen wie du möchtest, da diese eine hohe Eingangsimpedanz haben und fast keinen Strom ziehen. Die meisten Aktivboxen haben ja auch eine XLR-OUT Buchse um sie hintereinander zu schalten. Oder du benutzt eine Y-Kabel.

    You can't mix up new RM with very old Kemper OS Versions.

    allways read and understand the release Notes.

    Your Kemper OS is much behind everything (OS Beta 7.0.8) you first need to update in two steps.

    1st of all disconnect your PC / MAC cable from Kemper to avoid any interrupting from RigManager.

    2nd disconnect any MIDI Cable also to avoid and MIDI messages the maybe disturb the update process.

    1. Download and install the Version for 7.3.2…8/Older-Software-Versions

    Follow the Instructions inside the ZIP Package

    You need a USB Stick put the KAOS-bin on the root of the FAT32 formatted Stick.

    Plug in the stick and press the key "<" and ">" at the same time when power up the profiler (in tuner mode).
    This will force the Profiler to boot direktly from USB Stick.

    Now you are ready to go for the next step: Update to the current Version

    2. Download the latest OS and put the KAOS.bin on the Stick.…/Operating-System-Updates
    Plug In the USB Stick the Kemper will ask you then to update.
    Follow the instruction.