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Play4Remote – Win a PROFILER Remote for your PROFILER

Play4Remote Contest

This is for all the guitarists out there who own a KEMPER PROFILER™ and who are longing for a KEMPER Remote™ pedal. There is a challenge coming up: The Play4Remote video challenge. KEMPER are giving away a PROFILER Remote pedal!

What do you have to do to qualify? Just shoot a video of yourself playing the PROFILER. The PROFILER should be clearly visible (or spottable :-) in the video. Then upload the video to Youtube and make sure that the release date of the video is not earlier than August 1st, 2015 and not later than August 31st, 2015.

The video description line has to include the following: #Play4Remote082015. This is so that we can find your video in youtube-country.

Then on August 31st at 1 pm RLT (Recklinghausen Lunch Time) the KEMPER team will check which of the videos will have the highest view count and pick the winner. Make sure you have your Facebook link or something else in the video notes as well so that we can contact you easily. We will contact the winner personally and immediately for a proper shipping address and ship the PROFILER Remote within a week after the shipping address is approved.

The shipping of your PROFILER Remote is free of charge for the winner. Also any customs affairs are cleared by Kemper GmbH. It may happen though that in some territories some special rules might apply. Hopefully then these things can get sorted out beforehand.
By putting the #Play4Remote082015 tag into the video line you agree that your video will be published and promoted on all possible social media channels. Your video will remain at all times your property and Kemper will only use the public Youtube sharing link for any kind of promotion.

Some good practice tips:

  • The video quality is not important, but you know, in 2015 everybody has at least some kind of smartphone at hand or an HD Cam built into his computer.
  • Try to get a good overall audio quality going. It is just the entire world watching and listening to you.
  • Make sure you wear appropriate clothing.
  • Please avoid nudity, display of sexist, racist, religious, political and any other imagery because this is simply not the right place for this.
  • Try not to play and use material which might be copyrighted.
  • And here the note from the legal department: The decision of the jury is legally binding; there is no recourse to legal action.

Good luck, have fun and make more music!!!