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Chappers and the Captain perform the ultimate #KemperProfiler test

Rob Chapman is one of the Youtube-Stars for reviewing and presenting all things electric guitars and amps. When he looked at the KEMPER PROFILER for the first time a while ago he was impressed but not entirely enthusiastic.

But after touring a bit with his successful band Dorje he thought twice and wondered if the KEMPER PROFILER™ could be a solution for a lighter touring rig. So he wanted to find out if the "amp substitution" of the PROFILER would stand the test against his Fender Bassman and the Victory head he was using and knew in and out in terms of tone, breakup point, dynamics, you name it.

That’s why he called for his Anderton’s mates Peter Honore, Rabea and the Captain to arrange for an ultimate blind test. They set up the Victory head and the Bassmann in the basement and profiled both. Then Rob and the captain had to guess from another room which amp Peter and Rabea had connected.

And they would be so blown away by the results. But look for yourselves. Put on some headphones, take some time and an open mind. Enjoy!