Step-by-Step Reamping Guide

  • Uhm do I need to use interface at all? From the posts above what I get it is possible to use simple input, but is interface needed (DI BOx is not needed, right)
    Can I just run the signal directly from my pc to the input on the back?(Doesnt it have different impedance than the input in the front already?)
    I tested Focusrite Scarlett and Steinberg UR44- both sounded a little bit different with my monitors, but not really better than the output from my PC. I even have SPDIF output on the motherboard, so not sure if there is any advantage, maybe I am missing something.

    Sure, you could reamp with your PC motherboard output, but whether you can then route the resultant audio to your speakers. etc, I am not sure.

    This is because I've never tried doing this with a built-in audio card, my guess is that you will only be able to route the same signal to all outputs, rather than different signals to different outputs. This would mean the DI signal that you are feeding the Kemper is fed to all other outputs. Again, this is just a guess.

    The advantage of having a dedicated interface is that you'll be able to achieve more complex routing and lower latency because you are taking this processing task off your motherboard and will have dedicated ASIO drivers.

  • I decided to try to re amp today, 2 hrs later,

    I read the manual, watched a few videos and spoke to Kemper guy

    Here is signal chain, Focusrite 2i2 ( No SPIDF), Pro Tools , Mac

    Gtr - Input front of Kemper

    Direct Output on Kemper to FR Input 1 ( Direct output set to GIT Studio)

    Main output kemperBack Left - FR Input 2 ( Main output assigned to Master Mono, or stereo or left or right )

    Line output 1 Left on FR to Return input on Back of Kemper

    I set two tracks in pro tools, both mono, One for input 1( Should be dry), one for Input 2 ( Should be amped). Outputs on both tracks is Out 1-2

    Listening with headphones on scarlet

    Track one has dry signal

    Track 2 has nothing

    If I enable

    1 and two on DAW , feedback in 2

    Kemper headphones work

    Cannot get the signal back into the Kemper, I checked with a speaker and there is a signal going in

    If I change input source to front, I can record, dry and amped. Not With input on

    Something to do with routing in pro tools? I bet all this goes away if I get SPIDF

    Any ideas, been running pro tools over 10 yrs, and I am puzzled

  • Have you changed the input on the Kemper in the input settings to the return input?

  • As far as I can see there is no software avail for the 2i2 for a Mac, they are plug and play,

    yes sir my prob is routing the output of the Focusrite, I am sure I am getting looping feedback. I cannot find how to do that in pro tools with the 2i2. have done some work in the I/O in pro tools but not luck.

    I did find out you cannot listen to the re-amp with the 2i2 because it only has the two line outputs in the back. So what I was attempting to do was record with the re amp. This whole issue goes away with the bigger Focusrite.

    My purpose for the re amp was to demo diff amps with the same riff, but from what I have found out, if I am successful , then I would have to record and listen vs live preview, that kind of kills the 2i2 all together then.

  • I tried all the steps but with "return input reamp" and connecting a TS cable from return input to input 1 in my interface, then tried all the output settings, and nothing worked. I am using Ableton, and I'm trying to reamp a DI bass track. I've just been soloing that track and keeping the input/outputs in the DAW the same. What am I missing?

    Any help would be appreciated

  • You may be able to reamp with a 2i2 but you will be limited to listening with one mono monitor during recording and playback and you would have to swap the cables from recording to reamping every time requiring you to change DAW settings for each time. 4i4 would really be minimum requirements to reamp hassle free.