JCM800 merged profile

  • Hi All

    My turn to contribute something towards the rig library.

    I've uploaded my JCM800 merged profile which was done professionally in a Studio.

    The profile was made using a tubescreamer and Boss GE7 in the chain (just to push the amp a bit)

    I use Fishman Fluence modern pickups so you may need to knock the gain up a bit on the profile if needed.

    I was amazed at how accurate this profile was to my amp when running it via a 4x12 (Mesa Boogie)

    profile name - JCM800 Merged

    I can upload the direct profile if anyone wants it.


  • Thank you! Sounds very good. With a little tweaking (= lowering the gain, definition, presence and treble and raising the middle), I got it to sound even more to my liking.

    I'm would be interested to know what kind of mics and other equipment was used in making this profile.

  • I've got to be honest I didn't make a note of the Mics, they looked expensive though!

    I don't really want to say who did the profile for me as I know it's not something he would do commercially and he did this as a massive favour to me, but put it this way he knows what he is doing :)

    He used the Kemper DI box to make the initial direct profile which we then tested using my Mesa 4x12 via the power amp output on my Kemper, to me it sounded almost identical to the JCM800.

    He then used 2 mics which he moved around until we got the tone we were after through the studio monitors and made another profile to include the cab. I believe he then took the cab profile from the miced version and pasted it into the direct version to create the merged one. At this point I really couldn't tell the difference between the profile and the reference amp !..

    Signal chain was:

    Guitar - LTD EC-1000ET fitted with Fishman Fluence modern humbuckers
    Ibanez Tube Screamer - OD just on, level around 3oclock postion and tone center
    Boss GE7 - level slightly boosted and slight cut on bass and mids

    Amp - JCM8008203 fitted with JJ tubes
    High level input
    Presence - 4
    Bass -10
    Middle - 2
    Treble - 5
    master volume - 2
    pre-amp - 10

  • Fantastic profile. Only made a few adjustments: Power Sagging to 5 and Amp Compressor to 3.4. Has a big Marshall thump that easily gets to high gain.

    Thank you for the profile.

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  • I've just took delivery of the DI box so I hope to make some more soon, it was always a great sounding amp but its had a hard life so I want to get as many profiles of it as I can just in case it goes bang !

    I will use the same cab profile as it works really well

  • Thanks a lot Steve for this profile.
    I'm not much of a High Gain player but I'm learning a lot from this thread and getting some great tones.

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  • During rehearsal last night I ran through the set with my go to Diezel Profile and then on the second run through I used this Marshall profile. Incredible difference with the Marshall everything seemed to come alive. In the previous post you can see the adjustments I made on the amp, other then that I used my standard Eq setting in the X slot and it worked like a charm.

    Thanks again for a great profile.

    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”