Line 6 HX Stomp - Compact Professional Guitar Processor

  • This is exactly the sort of thing many here have requested Kemper make, so figured it deserves a place in this subforum.

    HX Stomp

    For guitarists and bassists who want HX modeling technology in an ultra-compact pedal, HX Stomp™ offers more than 300 Helix® amps, cabs, and effects in a stompbox-sized design that fits easily in the pocket of a gig bag. Whether you prefer to play through a traditional amp-and-pedal setup, or go direct onstage or in the studio, HX Stomp is at once a “super stompbox,” the ideal backup or fly rig, an add-on tone expander when combined with other modelers, and even a multi-channel audio interface.
    • 300+ Helix amps, cabs, and effects—run up to 6 simultaneously
    • Legacy effects from M13®, M9®, M5®, DL4™, MM4™, FM4™, and DM4™
    • Capacitive-sensing footswitches with color-coded LCD rings
    • Industry-leading 123dB of dynamic range for tremendous depth and ultra-low noise
    • 4-Cable Method and re-amping connectivity, stereo effects loop
  • In fact, if the sound doesn't drop too much from the Kemper, it could cause me a GAS attack. :/
    The manageability and the low weight are very appealing.
    Price seen at sweetwater for 599,99. Let's see how much the price will be in Europe.

  • This basically sounds like the bigger Helix floorboard which is already good, of course, especially its FX. I already use the line6 HX Effects along with my Kempers because the Kemper's stomp models are not that good.

    B U T ...

    ... what drives me totally nuts here is simply that Christoph Kemper still sleeps the sleep of the Daydreamer concerning his customer's wishes. I, personally, love ONLY the AMP SOUND of my 2 Kempers. They are long outdated when it comes to my all in all needs that are among others a much more bigger and better UI, better portability, a floorboard design, simultaneous use of more than one amp, more and better drives, pc editors, ETC...!

    Having said this again and again it still is not one bit of a reason for fellow Kemper users to still excuse this with: "but I don't need anything else ". So what? I DO! And others also do. Better have and don't need it, than need it and not have it, right? Other brands don't sleep as you see.

    If Line6 comes around the corner with a Helix Pedalboard that can have profiles and exactly that Kemper (or "better") quality Amp sound it will not only be me that will be sold. I claim there will not be one single one Kemper user to have a reason to keep their old Kemper other than nostalgic reasons or because they want to repeat that old boring song "But I don't need more".

    Move your ass Kemper! I still love your Amp sound so much, it is the best digital amp sound imo. So why do you break my heart repeatedly by remaining quiet and by not announcing at least 4 new products:

    1. Kemper 2 as a full floor board version
    2. Small Kemper 2 floor unit with ONLY Amp profiles.
    3. Kemper 2 Head
    4. Kemper 2 Rack unit

    Do it. Or line6 will do it when the time has come to have that profiling patent permission freely available. You think that nobody can copy that in 2018?

    Better have it and not need it, than need it and not have it! - Michael Angelo Batio

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  • Do it. Or line6 will do it when the time had come to have that profiling patent permission.

    I do not need the profiling feature. I just need the good sounds.
    For me it would not be only nostalgie to stay with Kemper.

    The continuity at Kemper and the investment protection associated with it is very important to me. With Line 6, I have to pay again for every innovation.

    A floorboard sized max like the remote, which I can load with profiles of "my Kemper" would be completely enough for me.
    For me it is above all a question of weight and transportability (health-related) which makes me sway a bit.


    I think there is more to it than just making a Kemper 2 with a few new hardware features. Common sense would be that Kemper has to rewrite its code to a totally different (newer and longer supported) platform for a Kemper 2 to ever happen, just to make sure they can support it for a longer time. That's one hell of a task and I am very curious how that turns out, If and only if Kemper decides to bite the bullet and completely rewrite its technology... But don't expect any new Kemper hardware based on the current platform which ceases production in 2023...

    But hey, we can't complain, we have free updates! I'm just very curious if Kemper would go through the hassle of maintaining 2 codebases if a Kemper 2 would happen. Sure that's a lot of work, and it would emphase their vision about updates.... But still, that's a lot of work, which only has marketing value by then...

  • has anybody recognized the device in this example drawing on the HX stomp page?

    A Line 6 manager said in an interview that they also want to address people with modellers like Kemper ("I like Kemper" - he said) who want to use the Helix effects (certainly the better effects) on a Kemper (certainly the better amp) using the 4 wire method.
    I could be true, but the Kemper effects aren't so bad that I want to drag another device around. ;)
    For use in an home studio this could be a good solution if you do not have the certain plug in in your DAW.

    I think the HX-stomp alone could give also good results.

  • If you don't need modelling, and why on earth would we, with a Kemper in our possession! The Line 6 M9 is very cheap, small, and does a cool job of supplying effects. :)
    I only use chorus, delay, and a touch of reverb, so in an emergency, the M9 would suffice.
    I keep one for all the listed reasons, and if I 'did' ever have a problem, the overdrive stomp boxes therein, would get me through the night. To quote a great Liverpool man, "Whatever gets you through the night, it's alright"....

  • Yes, I know, that's what I was trying to say. The distortion stomps would suffice, hopefully, till your main system was working.

    You would need a regular guitar amp then, which I don't have. Right now I have 2 lunchboxes, but I would rather not have so much investment in a backup ...

    Go for it now. The future is promised to no one. - Wayne Dyer

  • Well no, you could still put a Line 6 M9 through a PA. I'm talking emergency here, not common practise.
    Simply as a 'quick, cheap, 'get you out of the sh*t' method. If it's not your scene, then fair enough..

  • Well no, you could still put a Line 6 M9 through a PA. I'm talking emergency here, not common practise.
    Simply as a 'quick, cheap, 'get you out of the sh*t' method. If
    it's not your scene, fair enough...

    Since they're the same price, I'd go with the HX Stomp and get the modeling too. I see no plus side of the M9 for my use, but YMMV.

    Go for it now. The future is promised to no one. - Wayne Dyer