How do I get that fusion sound? (Link in body)

  • Hi guys

    So I found this wonderful sound I am really really eager to replicate for my band. It seems like it's a mixture of fuzz, octave and auto-wah, but I'm not sure.. I have two questions.

    1. How can I replicate this in Kemper? Is there a profile that is similar to this, and thus I can tweak it furthermore?

    2. I don't own a Kemper yet (Saving up for it). Is there a way to have similar sound with pedals?

    We've rented a place to practice with my band, and they have Orange and Marshall amps there. Maybe they can produce mellow fuzz like this one?

    Thanks in advance :):)

    EDIT: If someone can find out what mode he plays in, I would mind some theory analyzis either ^^

  • Touch Wah, ok got it. Chorus? Sounds like octave to me, but I could be wrong.. What do you think about the fuzz then? Not possible to get in touch with the guitarist in question, based on several other comments on his sound.

  • Looks like I spoke too soon about reaching out to him. I tried now, and he answered instantly.It's a profile from Mesa Boogie Nomad 45 (ch 3 lead tone) together with octave and auto wah. Is that amp available on the store?

  • The Mesa Nomad 45 is almost certainly available for the Kemper either on the free rig exchange or in someone's commercially available pack. However, the Nomad is pretty similar to the Caliber , F and Mark series amps (but with fewer features than the Marks). You should be able to get a similar basic amp sound from a profile of any of those amps all of which are popular with fusion players.