New KPA user - nervous for 1st show

  • Ideally, I will just be running the Kemper split to my IEM and then to FOH. I don't plan to have any other cab with me

    ...then as long as you are happy with your sounds through a PA, you will be fine. I use IEM's and FOH although I do still take a cab for my band mates as they don;t use IEM's. With IEM's you don't need a cab. I prefer a cab though rather than in house monitors as I can fully control it myself.

    As said above:

    1) get your basic sounds sorted through a PA type set up at volume - make sure you output is reduced to around -18db and you know which output you are going to be sending to the desk - should be main. Last thing you want is " no, still no signal" and start worrying about output settings.

    2) Sort out your "slots" in a performance - I have slot 1 clean, warm clean, Slot 3 main rhythm, slot 4 spacey rhythm and 5 for solo. Once you are orientated with this then its simples.

    Then you will be fine!!!

    Once settled strongly suggest you look at Morph - I use it on each slot to boost for riffs and add a bit more mid etc.

  • My first gig with my Kemper was a disaster... luckily I had a 'real' amp ready as a backup... so that is my first recommendation, feel free to try it out by all means, but have a backup ready just in case...

    A backup guitar is also recommended (or bass or harmonica, whatever you're jamming)... just in case... murphy's law you know...

  • I think you only need a backup IF you can't figure it all out in advance - but then I wouldn't try and do that anyway.

    I used my KPA with no backup first time, but I had set it up and used it at rehearsal. The only difference between the KPA and a regular amp is going direct, so as long as you test the sound through a PA, it will be fine.

  • I used the Kemper for a pretty big show after owning it for a month. In my opinion, the confidence can definitely be built in a relatively short amount of time. I had a Mission 1-P to help dial in my tones but a computer monitor or studio wedge should get you close enough too. If you have IEM's those can also help get you close for that live sound.

    Depending on your style of music, I recommend Selah Sounds above all for profile packs but Tone Junkies and MBritt make some great ones too.

  • I take a backup ( a sans amp pedal) purely for emergencies not to cover not setting up properly :). Its a "get me through the gig" lightweight backup.

    Never used it, even when I had a valve amp.

    Me either, but the piece of mind it provides knowing that if something goes wrong a quick switch will get you back up in running is priceless.

  • I prepara the gig at home with Shure 535 in-ear, it works great for me. I’ve tried with diferent headphones too, and the shure was the best way to go.

    Michael Britt profiles are the main profiles i use and they work really great for me, no problem at the first gig.

    My tech always ask me to keep the Kemper in -25db (digico board and Nexo speakers), sound awesone ;)