New owner - as expected, a few questions!

  • Hi all! New owner of an unpowered rack, have it paired with a Matrix gt800fx and the Kemper remote.

    I've muddled through a few things using the manuals and Youtube videos - not to mention this helpful forum. My reading comprehension must've really slipped however since I left school all those years ago, I can't figure out how to do a few simple (?) things - was hoping someone could give me some advice?

    I tried setting up morphing, as a volume boost. That works... however I navigate away from that profile using the remote, I come back and it is gone. What is more, after a time I'm no longer able to set the morph feature. Do I need to save the rig or something to get that in that particular performance?

    Also related to morphing - is it possible to engage a pedal, i.e. a boot or fuzz pedal? I tried and the setting didn't seem to take.

    Lastly... how do you save stomps/effects to performance rigs? I went in, faffed about and got a few sounds I liked, hit store and when I came back - they were gone. Surely I've missed a step or two!


  • Morphing won't work on toggle switches as a rule of thumb, so no, you can't engage / disengage FX. You could however set the FX levels to-taste and "bypass" them by morphing to "0".

    Yes, you need to save the Rigs. Even 'though you probably sourced them from the Browse pool, they're saved separately in the Performance area. Don't worry; many folks have been tripped-up by this, thinking the performances simply pointed to Rigs in their Browse area and confusing the Hell out of themselves by tying to retain the integrity of their existing pools for fear of adversely / inadvertently affecting their Performances.

    Welcome to the forum, bud. ;)