Noise gate being locked to input

  • Im a bit confused on what the request is?

    It relates to the fact that you can only (un) lock CS, DS and NG together. So if you have a preset for your guitar with optimised CS and DS, you can't set the NG per rig (when you find a profile with a very noisy (distorting) amp) unless you waste an fx slot for adding a further NG.
    so the request is to move NG outside the Input section, so that it can be set independently from the Locked Input on a rig-per-rig basis.

    I cant set up a preset that includes my input routing including CS levels for reamping

    You can't? Is it any different than saving any Input preset?

  • You can’t save input choice as part of a preset at all.

    From the manual:

    “Unlike the other parameters of the Input Section, the Input Source is set globally, rather than by Rig. It will therefore not be saved in an input preset.”

    As a result of this I don’t have any use for input presets at all so just set my CS and DS lock the input settings and forget about it. That does of course mean accepting sub-optimal noise gate settings as a trade off.

  • I must have read you wrong, what I had got was that you believe CS can't be saved.
    Source can't, of course.

    As for me, I may use different guitars so saving presets makes sense, except for the - for me - incredible flaw we are discussing.


  • Ive got ten different guitars that i swap during each song. In a ten song gig.

    I use a different guitar for each part of each song and i employ a guitar tech to adjust the heights of my pickups mid song and i have a guitar tech change pick ups back stage aswell during the performance.

    Icase i fancy some emgs instead of bare knuckles.

    Ive got another tech adjusting my noise gate continuously on my kemper with his left hand and the amp gain with his right simultaneously aswell.

  • i think the kemper should have a stomp box section that includes a string tone threshold feature which you can turn up so you never have to change your strings again.

    They always sound brand new.

    And they could profile all the top pick ups so you never have to change them. Stock epiphone pickups could instantly become dimarzios or seymour duncans.