Neural Quad Cortex

  • Come on man, just have your opinions and share them but that doesn't have to extend to you picking apart others' comments in a rude way.

    I think tons of comments you post are hilarious and ridiculous and i'm literally on the floor laughing sometimes at the absurdity. But do I go and pick apart all you say? No, I don't. Do I put it out there that I have so little respect for your opinion that I'd go as far as saying "this post is funny to me"? Nah, I don't cos that's rude as hell and I was raised better than to be insulting when it wasn't warranted. You know, there are ways to get your point across without being rude and without insults. Unfortunately, i'm past the point of being nice when you start being insulting.

    Did I claim to do any testing of my own or make any claims that you're being petty about?? No. I commented on the outcome the people in the video came to for their blind test. Did I need to be there to see that in a blind test all of them preferred the KPA when no bias or anything like that was involved? No. I didn't claim that I was involved and came to the same conclusion first hand. I commented about how the outcome was cool to see and how it's interesting how the preferred unit to the guys in the vid all were the same when no bias or hype or any of that is part of the equation.

    It's pretty hard to deny results of something like a blind test and for some reason, the KPA does well in blind tests. That has nothing to do with me and I have no control over that, it just is what it is.

    Somehow you equate the obvious outcome of the video in that particular situation, to something that's debatable or something and it comes down to the fact that the guys in the vid preferred one unit's tones over the other every time and there's not a way I can make a false claim about that lol. It is what it is. Don't be mad at me man, I'm not the one in the vid who didn't pick the QC in a blind shootout. Yeah, the results for me or you might be different and we might prefer different things. But my comment was about the video. And commenting on the outcome in the vid doesn't mean i'm "exhibiting my personal bias" or "laying it on others". Commenting on a situations outcome doesn't mean i'm pushing my opinion on people lol and idk how you got that from my post.

    It's crazy how just because some people still like their Kemper, and aren't running to sell their gear to buy the QC and jump on the hype train, you assume they're Kemper fanatics and its ridiculous. If people don't support your attempts to insist the QC will be better, you treat them like an enemy that you need to be hostile towards. It's totally possible to be supportive of both things and assuming someone is totally against you just because they make a comment about the obvious outcome of a video, doesn't mean they're bashing the unit you're all about in an obsessive way lol. Just because some people are realistic and see it as another tool that's capable of the same type of tones as everything else currently, and don't think it's "next level", doesn't mean they're fanatics lol. When anyone has any mild criticisms of the QC, you instantly have to jump to discredit them and be insulting in order to defend the QC and that's being more of a fanatic if you ask me.

    Keep in mind, others not preferring the QC doesn't make it bad and won't affect your experience with it. You're being defensive as if it's gonna all the sudden be terrible just because everyone isn't selling their current gear for it and because it isn't marginally better than anything that's currently available. It seems to be able to do just fine, like any other current gear. It just doesn't seem miles better than everything else like the hype and advertisement claims were, so i've been looking at the unit realistically and have been making observations based on my own interest in it. And that somehow makes me a fanatic? Come on man. Literally, all you gotta do is not be petty and not hop to pick apart what people say and you aren't gonna spark up anymore unpleasant replies like this for yourself lol.

    Whenever you hop in the comments and you start to pick apart people's posts, it starts to get unpleasant and people get nasty to each other. For some reason you seem to need to step on others' opinions to make your point. There's really not a reason to be insulting when making a point unless you're just being unpleasant in an obvious way and I honestly would prefer it never got to this point but, when it does you gotta expect people to defend themselves. There's a way to communicate with people without the insults and without being immediately offensive lol.

    I really didn't want to come back like this but honestly, this isn't the first time you pick apart people's posts in a uncool way and stir the pot on this forum and it really isn't necessary to be part of the conversation. We're not all trying to bash the QC just because we're making observations and comparisons to other top gear. And no one here is against you in the way you seem to think. There's really no need for the insults and backhanded comments and stuff. We can all communicate without that stuff and we all can critique things without it meaning hatred for that product lol

  • It's better not to feed the trolls.

  • Trolle are everywhere!

    When the QC has the settings from the Amp section the Kemper has, then its more interesting!

    Definition, clarity, tube Bias, pick and so on and on! For me this are important settings!

    But i think we have to wait for some Updates to be fair!

    I think the QC has the chance to be something big with some Updates and a Editor in the future! Just wait a while and it will come.

    I really like the QC, but if you are an Kemper user there is no reason to switch right now.

  • t

    Did you watch the video, or at least the ending when the results are tallied? There were two different score categories. One was for tone. However, the other was for feel. The KPA won, unanimously, in both metrics. A 3rd-party listener doesn't have to be able to discern between tones. The testers, who are all gigging guitarists, unanimously scored the KPA the winner in terms of dynamics/feel in this non-biased, blind A/B test.

    I can’t sit through a video that long with tones I dislike.

    From what I’ve read about this video, the “blind test” wasn’t so blind. The guys doing the A/B at the end were the same guys that made the profiles/captures. Lol. Terrible protocol.

    Really should have been a double blind test.

  • There was no insults, or backhanded comments.

    Just my observations. I’m sorry you’re so upset by them.

  • imho, there's only one fanboy here, a QC fanboy without even owning it for the moment ... You say we can't seem to stand there's a new kid on the block ... untrue !

    Ok I confess i'm a fanboy and love my kemper (as well as my Helix LT )

    I'm really curious how your initial comment will be after a/b test ... My guess is that QC already won this battle in advance ...


    ps : I do like the form factor and UI from the QC a lot and wouldn't mind owning one myself as well

  • Not ironic at all. I insulted a product, you continue to insult a group of people. Huge difference.

    And yes you come off as a butthurt fanboy of an unproven, unreleased product that you don’t even own.

    I'm not insulting anyone.

    You're calling me butthurt.

    As I said, ironic.

    Thanks for the confirmation.

  • I love my Kemper as well. I have been posting here for 7 years and have not ever been called a troll, nor have I ever engaged in trolling.

    But now, as I give my sincere thoughts about the state of the KPA and the release of the QC, as well as the reaction of (some members) of the Kemper community to the QC...all of a sudden I'm the world's biggest troll and a fanboy of the QC?

    That's an unbalanced view. Not accurate.

    I have never said you guys "can't stand that there's a new kid on the block"

    I have a beef with only one troll user here on these forums. Everyone else is fine.

  • I'm really curious how your initial comment will be after a/b test ... My guess is that QC already won this battle in advance ...

    I want to address this ^^^

    The QC has won already in the UI department.

    The rest is up in the air, and I will not hesitate to say which device sounds better to me, if any.

    Now allow me to make a prediction:

    If, after I compare the QC and the KPA, I come to the conclusion that the KPA sounds better, you guys will all say "The KPA is still the champ! All hail the KPA!"

    If I say the QC sounds better it will be more of the same old "You're just a fan boy! Boo! Hiss!"

    I would love to be proven wrong here.

  • Might be that you don’t understand what online trolling means and how you are guilty of it in almost every reply you posted in this thread.

    > be on the Kemper forum

    > people raise concerns regarding a different product and why they think it’s not up to par with the kemper

    > calaban comes in and insults everyone here because he’s in love with said product hoping he will get a reaction or make everyone mad <<<<<< this is trolling and this is what you’ve been doing all along. Context matters.

  • calaban comes in and insults everyone here because he’s in love with said product hoping he will get a reaction or make everyone mad

    This is untrue, and ironic because that's exactly what you're doing with this post.

    Your goal is to upset me. It's not working, but I'm not going to hesitate to call you out on it.

  • I have just discovered the block user function. Maybe that will keep me from responding to the troll.

    To the entire KPA community in this thread:

    I am sincerely not trying to troll anyone. I am not trying to upset you. I have no brand loyalty or commitment to any product.

    You can take me at my word and I wish you would, because I mean what I say.

  • What about the QC delays is better than than the Kemper?

    Eh, they just sounds better. They've got a better sonic dough, if you will.

    Oh, and also the wahs sound better IMO.

    On the other hand, I don't like its reverbs AT ALL, modulations are inferior and the, maybe I can't use them cause no matter how I tried everything came out absurdly squeezed.

    And of course when I plug in my Strymon stuff it crushes both of them without breaking a sweat ^^