A detune adjust in the Rig Section Transpose section and the Transpose block effect...

  • Just as the title says. Imagine you use the Transpose effect to match the key of a song and then that song is just slightly out of tune. I was practicing to an old song on YouTube and the pitch was off by a few cents. Rather than adjust the guitar strings to match, it would be awesome to have a micro adjustment in cents to match the pitch of the song once you transpose. What do you all think? ?

  • That might be nice but the problem you would have for your specific purpose is that unless you are listening really loud you will still hear the acoustic sound of the strings at their true pitch out of tune with the recording and the pitch shifter Kemper signal.

    A much better solution for this specific use it so pitch shift the recording.

    I use Transcribe! f rom SeventhString.com for this. It isn’t free but it does a lot and is invaluable for learning stuff. Other tools can do it too such as Amazing Slow Downer etc.

  • Haven't checked but I would suspect you can use pedal pitch (or something related) to do just that?

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  • It won’t help on YouTube videos (unless you download them which, is against their terms of service), but there are a myriad number of apps that let you adjust the song’s pitch.

    I’ve used Anytune Pro for years. Transcribe is another, as is Song Surgeon. Amazing Slow Downer has been around like…forever.

    In my mind, it’s easier to change the song than the KPA. Plus, the ability is widely available.

    You will also introduce latency. The amount of pitch change won’t matter. The latency is necessary to alter the pitch whether it’s one cent or two octaves.

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