So I downloaded a demo of Helix Native today....

  • Coming from the Axe-FX world to Kemper I am familiar with both.

    Last time I played anything from Line6 was a kidney POD.

    I always read about Helix as something that's highly regarded.

    I even heard from some players on The Gear Page that they went from Kemper to Helix and they are very happy.

    So I gave it a spin today and I just don't get it, it just sounds terrible to me, very Lo-Fi, muffled and it doesn't sit in any mix.

    Suddenly I feel like I am back in the POD days.

    Maybe it's OK in live use, I don't know.

    I just wonder, anyone here liking Helix?

    What am I missing?

    Mind you I play clean and edge of break up tones usually, nothing high gain.

    I don't like any of the presets, I did dial in a Dumble and a Princeton setup that was passable but not great.


  • I've heard good guitar tones out of the Helix software which I liked a lot and matched perfectly to the player how built the tone. But I'm not getting anything out of it which I can't do better with my own profiles of my own amps because I'm used to built my tones this way.

    I like to use the Helix for modern rock/metal bass tones especially if I want to do those kind of combinations of clean and distorted amp tones with different compressions and so on. Those super over processed things... There the Kemper lacks a lot of features and usability, it is not versatile enough in my opinion.

  • There is no doubt that Helix and AxeFX can get some excellent sounds.

    My personal experience and understanding from taking with others is that you need to fiddle with things quite a bit more than you do with a good profile.

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  • had one, fizzy top end, no edge of breakup stuff,cleans were more solid state like,, not for me, but I see folks come thru the studio that sound great with it,

    Yeah the fizzy top is simply unacceptable, too bad..... for the sale price of $275 they have now...... I really wanted to like it but it's simply not for me regardless of price.

  • I demoed the vst and the presets sucked. I remember the Mesa had such a loose bottom. I tweaked Helix but I can't say I was impressed. There are much cheaper and better amp sims than the Helix.

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  • I totally overlooked Line 6 for years, but I have to say I’m every bit as happy with Helix as I am with my Kemper. I think both achieve what they promise and are invaluable tools.

    I’ve done some comparisons recently against my real amps, and Helix consistently gets close. I’ve done some videos here

    and also on my main channel

    As with the kemper, most negative opinions of it stem from user error and some bad presets/default values. It’s not too hard to dial in, but it does take some learning. And you absolutely want to avoid the stock cabs at all costs.

    Honestly they’re great, and I think a used Kemper + HX stomp is an pretty unbeatable alternative for a quad cortex - you get modelling that’s just as good, as well as everything the kemper is great for.

  • I did the same with the Helix Stomp and later on with the Helix Native. I compared it with Kemper and I really wanted to like it. Especially since the concept of Helix Stomp is perfect in my opinion. But the problem is, as you wrote, the fizzy high end and muffled sound, especially at break up. Maybe this isn't a problem with high gain sounds, maybe some poeple only play clean and high gain and so they don't mind.

    But if people say that they could replace a Kemper with Helix, I really don't understand. Did they really compare it A/B? Maybe they put so much effect to the sound that they don't hear the amp sound anymore?
    Some weeks ago I checked out the new Ampero Stomp II which does not have this fizzy high end, but unfortunately it still does not come close to Kemper. But I would still prefere it over the Helix.