Using direct out for DI AND for Stereo FX loop, is this possible? Workarounds?

  • I'm quite disappointed that Direct out is only possible from one of the outputs, unless I'm missing something. I need to use the FX loop for stereo outboard gear but I also still want to send a DI signal to my DAW.

    How are people managing this?


  • Is there really no workaround for this?

    Any explanation for the strange design decision that lead to there being only one output capable of outputting a direct signal?

    Is there scope to change this via a future firmware update?

    Any help or advice would be great.

  • SPDIF is a good way to go.

    Another option is to put a DI in front of the KPA - one that can put an unprocessed signal into the KPA and send a DI signal out to your audio interface. The IK Multimedia AXE I/O or the new smaller AXE Solo would be a high quality DI/interface option for guitarists with input impedance options and the output for reamping etc.

    Most audio interfaces without discrete HiZ input circuitry are actually not great for guitar. Even RME HiZ instrument inputs are less than ideal. Dedicated discrete guitar inputs - which are found in the better modelers (eg Helix, HX Stomp etc and of course the KPA) do the job properly as do some of the more guitar oriented audio interfaces.


  • Unfortunately, SPDIF isn't an option for me. I get a way better processed signal from the KPA through SPDIF than I do the analog outputs...that's my perception I can't waste the SPDIF output on DI.

    I'm still amazed that we can't get any signal we want out of the other available outputs. It's a real shame.

  • Spdif or analog it doesn't matter. Both give equal result.

    I'd absolutely love to know the science behind this. My ears disagree. Could be the quality of the converters in my interface. But I definitely prefer the sound of SPDIF from the Kemper than the analog outs.

    you can use the "Git/processing" or "Git/Studio" output source with the monitor output to send a DI signal to your DAW or use the "Git/Master Mono" or "Git/Stack" output source for the SPDIF output when recording your take.

    My humble apologies. That was a complete misunderstanding on my part of the term "processing". I wrongly assumed this included the Kemper's processing of the signal...including the stack etc.

    Next time I'll RTFM! Apologies all and thanks Kemper Support #1 !!!!

    I should have known that there's very little that can't be achieved with the Kemper...I really love this thing (despite my somewhat negative sounding thread posts above!

    Kemper Support #1 for recording with the view of preserving a good signal for potential reamping, which of the two you mentioned 'Git+processing' or 'Git studio' is preferred/better?