Reverb on mix table or in Stage's slot for Gigs ?

  • Hi,

    I've done some gigs on May/June.

    Like i always did, i plug my stage in the mix table with all my FX chain.

    For singers, we use FX to send more or less reverb following the situation/the context, etc...

    So, my question is ; in this situation, why not sending a drier signal without reverb and use the mix table's one ? :/

    How do you do guys ?

  • Basically, I don't use a lot of Reverb anyway but I only use Performance Mode for live use so any performances have little or no reverb. When playing, practicing, recording at home I use Browser Mode and select rigs in RM so totally different set of rigs.

    I don't gig much at the moment but I still think of the Kemper like my old valve amps. My THD BiValve, Dual Rectifier or Triaxis don't have reverb so I never used any live when I was gigging regularly. When using the little Studio 22 combo or Mark V:25 head I always kept the Reverb almost off. Latterly, I used a TC HoF reverb pedal in the loop but only set to a short ambient reverb at home or a Plate Reverb on some clean sounds for specific effect.

    A lot of it is context specific though. I used to play in a 10 piece band with keys and 5 horns so I had to keep the guitar out of the way of other instruments and leave space. If I was playing in a Surf trio or a P&W band it would require a totally different approach.

  • Thx a lot for your answers ! :thumbup:

    I've asked the band to work on the mix table at the next rehearsal 'cause we haven't (enough) worked on it yet.... There's no sound ingeneer in the band...X/

    We always play with gain/volume level and all other buttons are sticked in the middle position (no pan, no freq limitations,etc...) :thumbdown::cursing:

    As you can imagine, it's the escalation to be heard or hear everyone...And it only brings us to a high mushy volume

    I know that we have to improve that part to hear clearly the songers and the 2 guitarists ! ;)

    So, I'm gonna benefit to try the reverb part too ! :saint:

    And, Except for solos, what about delay ?

  • As Keller said.

    One other thing I would add is that often delay can be used to fill out the overall guitar sound a little without getting mushy like reverb might. But as with all things use sparingly to start with and gradually increase as you have more confidence in how it sounds in the overall mix. A dry sound can still sound amazing in most cases but once you go too far with delay or reverb you just have a mushy mess that can't be tamed.