Uneven volume from left/right outputs

  • -My Kemper Stage has an extremely uneven left/right volume from the main outs.

    -Left is over 20 db louder than right

    -I have checked the panorama and it is set to 0.0

    -Even with all effects disengaged, same problem.

    Any suggestions on something I could have missed? Do I have a hardware problem?

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  • Did you check what your main outs are hooked to? You can swap monitors left and right and see if the volume drop swaps. That would tell you it's the particular monitor or cable.

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  • There is no way the KPA should have a difference like that between Left & Right. It is much more likely that the problem is later in the chain.

    What are plugged into? An audio interface, directly to studio monitors, a pair of powered wedges?

    It is post likely that one of these is set to mic and the other line level, or one has a 20db pad switch engaged etc.

  • It has been this way through every gig I've done.... run stereo left right... sound guy always ends u showing me the massive level difference in left and right.

    When I use logic, I run a track for left and one for right... same thing... left is about 20db hotter... all settings exactly the same

    Pretty baffling... I've checked just about everything I can think of... panorama, effects... eeeek

  • I suggest opening a ticket. I had this problem 3 years in with mine, turned out one output was somewhat defective (maybe it rained on my unit during an outdoor gig or something.) I ran mono for a while but then I stopped by Kemper HQ and they fixed it mid-tour. Awesome customer support!