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    The function Enable Slot is related to Performance Mode. This might explain, why only Rig Button work while navigating through New Performances. Such default Performances have just Slot 1 enabled before you start to fill the Slots with your selected Rigs.

    If Rig Buttons don't work in Browser Mode this must have another reason.

    Have you considered using Bypass at Heel? Perhaps this "pedal bumps up just a tiny bit when I take my foot off" doesn't happen in heel position.

    Bypass at Heel as well as Bypass as Toe already have a grace area by the way.

    We tested this with current software and are not able to reproduce any Rig Name confusion in Rig Manager. The reference Rig stays completely intact including its original Rig Name. And the new Rig is added to the end of the list under its new given name. The Rig count goes up by one.

    The level of the volume pedal is maintained except, if it is below 25%. The logic is assuming that nobody intends to shift wah nor pitch via pedal, while volume is turned down completely. So, if the pedal volume is below 25%, it is raised to 25%, so that you hear something. This is an element of the pedal link logic that has evolved over time.

    These pedal links have their limitations. Depending on what you intend to do there can be logical conflicts. We are currently not planning to make it even more complex adding more options.

    So, no original Rig/PROFILE gets overwritten as the title suggests. The reference Rig with PROFILE is maintained. The problem only exists in Rig Manager, not in the PROFILER itself. Rig Manager temporarily shows a wrong Rig Name. It is aligned after a restart of Rig Manager? Which OS and Rig Manager versions are involved?

    This video shows two Rigs with identical names, but different creation dates. This is absolutely in line with my above statements. If there are two Rigs with the same name obviously the original Rig has not been overwritten. The name of the reference Rig gets suggested for the new Rig including the new PROFILE. If you don't edit the name on the edit screen, it assumes the same name as the reference Rig.

    The PROFILER cannot automatically create a meaningful name for the new Rig by itself. You need to enter it. The name of the reference Rig is the default, which is convenient if you create multiple new PROFILEs of the same amp in a row and just vary settings, channel, microphone ... So you might intend to vary the names only partly.

    The pedal links work as intended in current OS versions. You can simulate and observe the behavior on page Pedal Links in System/Pedal Settings.

    If WahPedal to Volume and WahPedal to Pitch are activated and no wah and no pedal pitch effect are active, all three controllers for Wah, Pitch, and Volume Pedal constantly follow the moves of the Wah Pedal. If you activate a wah or a pedal pitch effect, the current pedal position is immediatly applied to those effects. As soon as you activate a wah effect or a pedal pitch effect or both, the controller of Volume Pedal freezes in its current position and doesn't follow the moves anymore. If you deactivate the wah and pitch effects, the controller of the Volume Pedal doesn't jump to the current pedal position, but is softly catched following pedal moves from its current position. We intend to avoid volume jumps. If you load another Rig, the controller for Wah and Volume Pedal maintain their last positions, while the controller of Pedal Pitch is reset to heel, which we see as the default position of pedal pitch effects.

    We are currently not planning any functional changes in this area.

    You can work on Performances even while no PROFILER is connected. In that case Performances in your Local Library. However, you can only exhange complete Rigs in those Performance Slots, activate/deactivate Slots, and tag the Performance. You cannot edit the sounds that way. Sound parameters like Delay Mix are only available while a PROFILER is connected and that Rig is currently loaded in the PROFILER and appears in the Editor. Otherwise, how would you control your sound edits, while you cannot hear it? Consequently, if you intend to edit the sound of a Rig in a Performance Slot, the PROFILER needs to run in Performanc Mode and the Performance needs to be loaded..

    Again, if you hold the LOCK button, all modules and sections which are currently locked will be indicated by the corresponding button being lit. You must have locked either amp or cab or stack or a combination of those. And this does only happen if you press the LOCK button while one of those sections or modules are in focus. If the output section is in focus and you press LOCK, this will have no impact as the output section is permanently global ("Locked") by design.

    There are often several ways to achieve the same or similar results. Such section presets are not visible in Rig Manager as well as PROFILER. Stage. But if you have such a precious combination of effects, that you intend to use more than once, you have probably used it once in a Rig already. Then you can temporarily lock the modules and "copy" it into a destination Rig this way. This process works for two, three or four modules or even beyond second boundaries e.g. modules C, D, DLY and REV.

    We were never able to reproduce such an issue and therefor conclude, it's a misunderstanding.

    After creation of a new PROFILE you need to press STORE and work through three pages of tagging assistent. At that time the name of the reference Rig gets suggested as a starting point for your edits to enter a meaningful new name for the new Rig you create. After editing you confirm with STORE again.

    If you follow the complete process you will create a new Rig, it will be added to the pool, and it will always carry your owner name as the Rig, Amp and Cabinet Author. If you missed to edit the Rig name, there will be two Rigs carrying the same name, but their authors and creation dates will be different. After testing this many time we don't think there are any circumstances, that the new Rig overwrites the reference Rig.

    If you think the opposite, please open a support ticket and deliver concrete facts - ideally a video, that shows, how you operate after refining the new PROFILE.