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    The SSL issue should've been cleared up back in June. Try resetting your clearing the cache in your browser as it seems to be pulling up an old version of the page without the new SSL certificate. I'm not sure why. It seems to be fixed for most everyone by now. Sorry for the inconvenience. It's pulling up fine on every device I have. Thanks!

    Hi Michael. Thanks for your reply. It appears that the site was being flagged by Malwarebytes Pro, even after I cleared my Google Chrome Cache and Cookies. I disabled Malwarebytes, and was able to access your site. I just ordered the Crank 'n Go Pack and the Driftwood Pack.

    By the way, here is the warning I get when Malwarebytes Pro is enabled and running in the background:

    Cheers, and thanks again!


    Hi Linusius,

    Further to Don Petersen's reply, I might offer the following advice...

    Download the Kemper Profilier "Main Manual -- 7.0" from the Kemper site. Open with your PDF editor/viewer of choice, and use the program's "Search" (or "Find") function to search for keyword terms. In this case, you would do a search for "Space". If you do this, the program will return twenty (20) results. In reading the brief citations shown in the Search results window, you will find that the parameter is discussed on page 107. Click on the hyperlink, and your PDF viewer will take you directly to the relevant section.




    Hello Michael,

    I have been unable to connect with your site, via Chrome or Edge, due to issue with SSL certificate issue. I note that a few others are experiencing the same issue. Are you having this issue looked into?

    Happy Anniversary, by the way.



    I made a profile of the power amp of my Koch Studiotone. That sounds pretty good in combination with a preamp pedal like a Victory V4.

    Next, I will do a direct profile of the power amp of my Dirty Shirley.

    Hello Workingtitle,

    Just curious...what did the profile sound like, on its own, with no external preamp or stomps, and no addition of internal Kemper stomps (i.e., A, B, C, D all off)?

    Hello Bob,

    I am not arguing. Nor am I being cheeky or sarcastic. Indeed, you have put forth a valid possibility in profiling. However, I think, perhaps, you are putting too much stock into the sonic characteristics of a tube amp's output stage. The output tubes are meant to cleanly amplify the input signal. Yes, the output tubes of a tube guitar amp can be coaxed into soft-clipping. However, the results of the output tube clipping characteristics cannot be separated from the input (feed) signal. Mostly, the effect of the output tubes is in how the amplified signal, sent to a guitar speaker, "feels" and reacts...rather than a first approximation. In any case, the issue is rather the sense that in your scenario, the profiler would be capturing the primary essence of the Mixer signal, being amplified and perhaps clipping the output stage. It will NOT sound like a guitar amp, because the notional Mixer does not have the preamp section of a guitar amp. I mean, it will sound like something...but probably nothing you would be interested in playing.

    Nevertheless, it might be an interesting experiment, and who knows, it might produce something musically useful for the guitarist. Never know until it is tried, I suppose. :)



    The overwhelming majority of Profiles (Studio, Merged, and Direct Amplifier types) do include the power amp.

    Direct Preamplifier Profiles are the only type that do not icude the power amp, and there are relatively few of those.


    Notwithstanding the practical possibility of profiling only the power stage...

    I am not even sure why someone would want to profile only the clipping/distortion of a tube amp's power stage. I am pretty sure, approximately zero musicians and music lovers have heard the sound of (for example) only the 4 EL-34s/6550s and output section of a Marshall 1959SLP, being unnaturally (artificially) sent into clipping. Unnaturally -- meaning that the signal would not contain the all important contributions of the dual triode preamp tubes (12AX7s) and cathode follower, tone stack, phase inverter, know, all those critical tone generators, shapers and filters which make a Marshall sound like,... well, a Marshall guitar amp.

    Substitute any make/model in this example.

    Sorry, but it sounds very similar to the Powercab. It may be better and optimised for the Kemper but aside from that it sounds like a very similar thing, but passive.

    Whoops, you edited your original post while I was replying. I think you corrected yourself. Indeed, the Kemper Kone will be a viable solution for alternative digital modelers/amps...but yes, it is specifically optimized for the Kemper, and the Kemper's software (upcoming OS) will be specifically optimized to work with the Kemper Kone.

    This is interesting. With my stage on order I’d preferably like to get one with the revised switch issue. How would we know if we have an older unit that could suffer the problem or not ??

    Hello Raoul,

    If it is in fact a hardware issue, and a defect in original design or manufacture, then it is the responsibility of the authorized suppliers, working in conjunction with Kemper GmbH (who would send out notification of affected S/Ns), to return these units to Kemper and to replace their stock with new units. In other words, any affected units should be immediately pulled from inventory, and not sold to public. Again, that is the responsibility of the authorized supplier.

    I had assumed that it would work that way. I was surprised that it didn't work in the manner of a normal tree stucture with only presets for Natural Verb say being available in the right column once Reverb and the Natural Verb were selected in the first and second columns.

    I am confused. I thought that is the way it appears to work, at least going by the following Tone Junkie video. Around the 24-25 minute mark, they show them choosing category (chorus) -->Type (Tremolo) and then the right column immediately shows the presets for the Tremolo, and the "Classic" is then selected. Am I misunderstanding you and @azertyvince?

    Well excuse me for not reading the right posts. X/

    Hmmm, a simple "thank you" would have been sufficient -- given the detailed instructions I typed out for you, explaining how to access and download the OS7 Beta Release via the Kemper website. There were numerous prior posts explaining how to do it via Rig Manager.

    Also, you are welcome.

    I wonder why it cannot be used for the Stage... it should mean the stage is on a different OS version but why?

    Could it be that the stage uses different hardware that requires some differences in the OS?

    As far as we know, the core hardware architecture is identical to the head and rack.

    However, it is possible that the OS is slightly different between the Stage, and the Head/Rack, to take into account for certain UI differences unique to the Stage. One of the more obvious examples, is the power on/off modes (Chicken head knob) for the rack and head is different then on the power on/off methodology for the Stage -- the OS has to be tweaked for these two different methods. The same goes for the operation of the global "Stomps", "Stack", and "Effects" buttons on the rack and head, which is absent on the Stage. Similarly, the Rig Volume, as well as the "Undo"/"Redo" buttons.



    OS7? Where? It says main manual 7.0 and it's all I can download.

    For Pete's sake, people, read a few of the posts in this thread, before asking the same question that has been asked and answered, multiple times. OS7 is a BETA release. You have to actually do a few steps on the Kemper main website.

    Do this: ==>Support===>Downloads===> Toggle Filter CATEGORY to "Operating System Beta Versions", and you will see the following available for download:

    PROFILER Operating System 7.0.0 Public Beta for Head, PowerHead, Rack, and PowerRack

    You should also note the listed caveats:

    *This revision cannot be used for PROFILER Stage!

    **KEMPER Rig Manager™ 2.3.1 is required to communicate with this PROFILER™ operating system.

    They could've said a year ago: look guys, we are working on a floorboard version. It's going to come out in 2019. Be fucking upfront about it.

    The only good reason that comes to my mind why a manufacturer wouldn't announce a new product in advance is selling the remaining stock if their old product. Which is a relatable business decision, but not customer friendly.


    There are a multitude of factors as to why a manufacturer does not discuss, announce or confirm new product developments. You have listed one possible factor. However, another reason, which is certainly in play (and in many cases takes priority) would be to deny the competition with advanced notice of their plans. Case in point, I am sure this unexpected announcement by Kemper has taken Fractal and Line6 by surprise. In particular Fractal, as they have a new floorboard, the FM3, in the pipeline. Now, Kemper's announcement, and the fact that the Kemper Profiler Stage is ready-to-ship, has dampened and eclipsed the hype of Fractal's FM3, which has a nebulous and uncertain production launch and availability.

    I ordered an Xitone Michael Britt Cabinet (Silverface) at the end of April. As luck would have it, I found a used one on Craigslist used (Amazing sounding). I just received the New one today about 8 weeks from order date, I did not cancel the order as I was thinking I may want to run stereo. I am fine with Mono.

    That being said and please forgive me in advance if this is against forum rules. I would like to sell the brand new cab (Unopened) for $1000 shipped. That is less than I paid for it. PM me if interested. If not, I will post on Reverb.

    Again, I apologize if this is against forum rules.

    Hello Robert,

    There is a section on this site for this. Look in the sub-forum "User and dealer network" and post in the sub-section "For Sale: Music Gear Classifieds"

    I can clearly hear that #2 Amp has less gain to some amount. That makes it muddier to you. This is quite a difference that we have never experienced when we profiled a Road King and A/B'd with the internal switching. Don't know what their cabling was, however.

    Hello Christoph,

    I did choose the Kemper (amp #1) as the more open, pleasing and harmonically rich sounding amp between the two options, to my ears. However, I think your point is that there shouldn't be any real discernible difference, at all, assuming the Direct profile was properly captured, and ceteris paribus in regards to other aspects of the recording and processing of the two audio signals.